posted on February 5, 2008 at 6:43 am

with no small trepidation
i set out on my journey
my self imposed exile
my feet heavy with doubt
my hair blasted back by the wind and rain
my white knuckles gripping my wand of jet
my crow my familiar above
crying mournfully against the sky
a black crow with blue beak
blacker than black
a beast of a bird to be sure
but now we belonged together
we were watching out for each other in symbiosis
the crow and i we learned to think alike
the crow would soar in the skies
i would look through its eyes
i feed it sweetmeats and teach it to talk
a beautiful bird it is oh it is
and wonderful things that it has found for me
found before they were ever lost mind you
golden rings and things
tears of hanged men and more again
the bird in forest like a dark blur
turns its eye to gaze at you
a message passes between you
how i do not know
it occurs to us at the same time
the rain is like needles
the pines drip drip drippety drip
the moon is full behind the storm
and the moon the crow and i in cahoots
the moon and the crow in the sky
i on the ground below
as agents for each other within alien elements
the moon can intercede with the atmosphereans
those beings who live in the ether
yes no part of creation is empty
why would it be?
why why had they drummed the old mad magician out out out
the moon looked across the see and saw
the crow croaked in the branches of ash
the lovely moon who whispered low to me
the crow with feathers black as coal
both female the bird and satellite
both orbit me so dutifully
am i really mad i wonder
and the moon croaks and the crow whispers
am i really mad i wonder
and the earth just twists it around on me
its all in the past now
where else could it be?
the crow
the moon
three associates in town
fast and easy

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