posted on April 18, 2009 at 9:06 pm

there is a symmetry i must obey
at night
the hollow gradient of her face
a half moon imploded in cloud
the memory of pleasures
the faint smell of burning paper
always sand in the bed
we are up and on our way
flying over green pastures
and bolting over gates and grids
into the swedish indian canberran forest
i am all myselves at once
totally manifest across the realms
i spin words like a gossamer net
and i trap the meanings shooting by
and i fill my poem with meaning like a belly
and i paralyze the truth
and it hangs suspended in my mossy night
waiting to be gobbled up at another time
and i join up with you in the stars
where we all eventually join
where we all will shine like distant points
but not yet
not yet
no not yet
the night ruptures in raptures
the night opens up to reveal reality
the night slices away and peels back to show us
the night offers herself immodestly
the night shudders as we all enter her
the night then surrounds us and emits tiny noises
the night runs away with us
over gates and fences we scramble
i’m sprinting up a hill in the seaside night
i run and run getting faster and faster
my feet leave the ground
and i go crashing into the atmosphere
headlong into jeopardy
rolling and burning up and gliding in flames
the night will not hold me up
the night lets me fall
down and down and down
no one has ever fallen this far
my stomach full of butterflies
my hands swooning around
my cascading hair all around
i go starring thru the void
a vain inferno
a burst of intense and devouring red fire
yes i fell like lucifer
clawing at the dark which contained no purchase
into a pit so deep and black
so wondrously silent
the pit of the night
the night which had turned its back on me
that blasted night with her comets and moon
i fell falling into that nights slippery arms
awake i was widely awake
suddenly awoken from my former life
hitting the ground running up that hill
over gates and brambles
over stiles and crooked brick paths
running through the night still
trying to keep up with the shadows we cast
as we flee ourselves
me as all my selves
white beard
brown beard
golden beard
all the time
we race into the future
exercising our free will
charging up existence
hauling up the black corridor
inevitable morning

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