posted on September 3, 2006 at 3:45 am

sunday arvo, north bondi
popol vuh playin
have already done chi gong
taken nippers for surf
(flat n chilly!)
the others have gone out
its quiet warm breezy n overcast
you can always feel that yer very close
to that gazillion gallons of pacifica mare
the salt is in the air
rustin’ things
invisible abrasion
drinkin’ a bottle of water
with potassium n magnesium
n all other kinda great words in it
ive spoken with mr greene
so that was nice
hadda a soy shake w/ bananas n dates
which baby bumper also seems to dig
not feelin’ that great actually
now i dont like myself when im like this
(muse: nor does anyone else!)
and i used to feel like this a lot
but i thought i’d “mellowed”
a strange process that happens to pot smokin
yoga doing space rocking olde hippies som moi
which means you finally learn to at least try to stop
always being a prick
tim powles is never a prick
hes so patient
hes so tolerant
he’ll hang in there with ya….
i wasnt made like that
im full of pitta heat
(muse: no kidding)
instant gratification is too slow for me
i cant take lessons or give em
i never learn
over n over
anger sucks me in n uses up my energy
i cant take advice neither
so dont go sendin’ me all yer advice
n websites
you think some hopped up fiend like me
gonna sit readin’ someones advice on the internet
my main problem is my superioty n inferioty complexes
so first of all
im better than all of ya
so why would i take yer advice
2nd of all
im worse than all of ya
im not worthy of it
i dont merely dislike the mundane
it infuriates me!
im going crazy with all these possibilities at my fingytips
the popol vuh album im listnin to
is so fuckin’ obscure
the titles only come up on my ipodd in japanese
so try n track that one down all you proto space rockers
in tasmania or south dakota
courtesy of the lord of the reedy river
where was i
sometimes the blog feels like cake
which refuses to rise
a cake may refuse to rise
but never the sun
a flute like flurry emerges from the vuh
howcome they dont play these kinda songs on albanian idol?
imagine space rock idol?
could ya dig it fiends?
sk as judge jury n executioner
occaisionally we could have some other
space rock celebs…
baron brock fer sure……
mr michael moorcock….would you come on my show?
rick wright as hes the only one of the floyd still vaguely floydy
the druid from porkypine tree…absolutely
sonic boom or jason spaceman….but not at the same time
mark gardener….ok..
someone from iceland would be good
oh mwp a true true space rock afficianado
manfred up-and-more
edgar froese
you know all as special guest judges
and we could sweep the great dominions searching
for space rock acts
who are capable of invoking travel,weightlessness, the void
loneliness, bliss, eternity n infiniti
we would award the winners absolutely nuthin
but we would subject the losers to elton john
n justin timberlake
n chrissie ugly-leerer
ha ha
that reminds me
there were these books written bout hawkwind
time of the hawklords
and the villains zapped the good guys by
pointing these sonic guns which played excerpts from elton
and the carpenters
jesus i thought that was funny when i was about 20
popol vuh percolating in the corner now
frothy bubbles of synthas
ive noticed typing this blog gives me backache
theres always a fucking catch
and i hope im wrong
is that slight stiffening in my left leg n knee
the beginnings of arthur wrightus?
about this age me mum started gettin it
just when ive newly become quite a twinkle toes
ah there ya go
i shoulda been a dancer n nnow its jus’ too late
i dont think old bricklayin’ types like me
are welcome down the ballet academy
those snobby bastards…
cant they have a mature entry scheme?
things are blowing off the walls in my kitchen but i cant be bothered
the talk with mr greene has made me very hungry
i put some bread in ye olde toaster
i increase voluma on ye olde i motion speakers
i now smell toast
peanut butter on one slicey
vegemitey on t’other
munchy munchy
go on olde bean you deserve it
a moment on yer lips
a lifetime on yer hips
eat it today
wear it tomorrow
does my egos ass look big in this skintite black blogg?
(sound of divine giggling)
am i just an olde tosser
sittin in a kitchen in bondi
a’ typin’ out his (only ranking 30) stupid blogg
so a buncha thousand or so
variously deranged, stoned or deluded gooseballs
spread all over this very unstinkin earth
can get a laff over their morning coffee
or a quick snigger in the public service
when the boss aint about
or a sigh for our stevie bouy
as he battles on
fighting n forging his way forward
into the final four?????????????????????????
muse im a sideshow
who started that thinkin mans osbournes thing
whos gonna film it…..?
ya wont believe it till ya see it?
ever wanted to drop in on someone elses life so so badde?
like in that mott the hoople song
i wish i was your mother…?
(so then i coulda seen you coulda beeen you as a childe)
would you like to spend tomorrow as me?
youll need a white beard
a loada kidss
a slightly stiff left legge
a slightly aching shoulder from typing this tripe
ringin ears
fadin eyesight
and a deep deep love of space rock
then off you go
smoke some dope
do a painting
stumble around in the mundane world
marvelling at it all
and cause chaos
go into banks n lose yer stuff
trip over on sidewalks
deface real estate posters
chew gumballs n drink lime sportswater
worship vishnu
slosh down goji juice
(now only 60 bux a bottle)
plan n plot n ruminate n machinate
think a thousand things at once
and remember none
a vague wow
thats it in a nut shell
a real nut shell
is this the next phase, interstellar commanders?
whats that…?
take my people n form a commune?
make em drink goji n red bull n jagermeister
and listen to the very un-spinal taplike hawkwinds
who cares?
and what would it matter if they did?
im outta space
im outta luck
im outta time
n i dont give a fig

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