posted on November 15, 2007 at 8:21 am

lovely spirit continue to guide me
this silver aching evening
gentle clouds
birds call in the gathering night
flowers close down
warm close dark
i feel comfortable within this skin
ideas occur to me
reveries come on of their own accord
memories not mine
days i have never seen
the thread that connects us
words in another language
languages from another time
times from another deeper time
the world is starting to fall away from me
i have wised up to most of its shabby tricks
but its nets are pervasive and persuasive
lovely spirit light my way
the west is so deep in illusion
the west is capricious and brutal
the west is ignorant and arrogant
killing using arguing blaming
will it carry on hurting until its own oblivion
the west does not like hurt on its own doorstep
the west says one thing and does another
the west never learns
the west jumps in over and over
the west never questions itself
the west consumes itself in obvious error
the west sees only in black and white
the west believes its own damn lies
the west with the bombs
the west with the scientists
the west with its plasic surgery
the west with its atheistic depressed useless gossip
the west with its excuses
the west with its pet psychologists
the west with its gated communities
the west with its witchtrials and inquisitions
the west with its crusades and quarries
the west with its defoliants and napalm
the west with its romes and londons
the west who never get the message
the west who has obese weightwatching children
the west who was won by the west
the wild wild west
the savage west
the west with its history of mistakes
the west with its captain blighs and general custers
the west with its dark ages
the west with its quackery and its side effects
the west with its extinct animals
the west with its booze
the west with its own rosy view of itself
the west we know and love
so hard to divest myself of the west
what it has made me
who it has told me to be
how the west educated me to think western
underneath the west
underneath this thin veneer of western civilisation
the real deep me
whoever that may be
way down in the depths
that man knows everything
the west has told me to forget

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