posted on August 24, 2015 at 6:31 am
underground club

underground club

a long night lurching down the road

in my black bunk like a cryogenic time traveller

i shiver and shudder and i fret over the potholes in my brain

have i ever been here would i know

another america another kilbey another era

another guitar another gig another ride

oh but sweet hot summer burns all around

the greenery and the scenery and the long hauls

the memory dreams other times other tours

other eyes have seen it all

the audiences oh the audiences

they clap and cheer and shout as the music comes out

we accelerate climbing above the turbulence

in the theatre of absurdly beautiful birdsong

the guitars chirp in my stratosphere casting  squalls of notes

the drums beat on no one asks why

in my mirror theres no one there or home

we swoop low over mountain range

i wake up and blow my mind with good music

i roll along on all my songs

tremolo vibrato crescendo

so tired tho


i go n have a little lie down somewhere


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