posted on April 9, 2013 at 9:21 pm
              7 hit parade

7 hit parade

   a gain

a gain

so that no lowly gnome will go unknown

god on highest cloud allowed everything to be merged

now i feel the terrible laziness of arabic summers

and the eskimo torpor of long night the candle flickers

the deep slumber of oak

the rest of nature

babes asleep in harvest moon windows and fireflies

my eyes have been opened by the feeling of somnambulist dream

the creeping snap of futures twigs in forest of time

a’lonely way through blue paths of ordeal and pain

magical fire which burns without cause

we come to a clearing in sovereign starlight

we walk up a hill to all our old schools

we arrive at the beginning of everyones trouble

we are there nearly there nearly there

on damascus road we change our name

we change our mind

something now changes our heart

how odd that we would be picked

all of us out here in the cold

how strange that our stone hearted souls are changed

but the energy it takes to unravel this mess

drags on and on like a dead wait of sand

and the water in the wells is warm and dirty in your hands

when we part company in june

you go you others to preach in distant realm

but others of us married children of the hyperborean race

a dread menace hurled them southwards

as they moved in adjacent planes

the monarch of the underworlds beast in a storm

some force to be beckoned with

some pretence of defence

but this in the days of telegraphic delays and sustain and decay

the lovely gods in some buddhistic heaven

never notice us through amorous hours and eyes of sway

as they dance upon the rainbows that take them away

in palace of pleasure then one day we will see

the maids of the holy will anoint us for sure

certainly we will be admitted they say

the glorious paths studded with wonders and buddhas and stuff

but now i am so tired my lights have been dimmed

i perceive this world as through a thin skin of the tiniest tin

the clamour is a hammer to my deafening ear

we hear what we want to hear here

here where everything is muddled and unclear

oh dear




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