posted on September 15, 2014 at 10:16 pm
same photo different night

same photo different night

Further/Deeper is coming y’all and it’ll bee sooner rather than later

damn right i make no apologies to no nomad no man no mad man no anyone

remember this

this is the only universe we got here

this is the church now

this is our your church who fucking cares

four guys got together and did this from scratch

theres always been four guys

sometimes one of the four guys changes

nothing can remain stable or static or in stasis forever

one guy left and another comes in

we lose what the first guy had which was incredible

we gain what the second guy has which is incredible

musicians jamming with each other

digging the cool sounds they laying down on pro fucking tools or whatever

hey we’re cooking up something here

sighs of relief all around

further and deeper into the music we are making

we get on a cosmic roll

words fall out of the sky into my head

ian and peter always working away at stuff

ian very keen to play always guitar in hand

tim: wallop bam boom crash hows that, chap? he says

we love what we do and we do what we love

a lotta love like all the rest

we realise people disappointed cos MWP not there

he literally never got back to us when we wanted to do a new record

he never even left

he just became unavailable

well thats that

we had a coalition of the willing who did

and ian came onboard

exceeding all expectations one could possibly have

what we have now is all that could have ever been

forget the what ifs

i understand you may be disappointed if MWP was your favourite

it was not my idea for him to not be there

however seeing he wasnt and he isnt

shortly therefore

and in spades to boot

Further/Deeper will be with you soon if you want

after all its only rocknroll nothing to get hung about

rocknroll forever

rocknroll for ever

rock and roll forever

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