posted on October 3, 2008 at 11:49 pm

its been disgusting weather in sydney
yesterday summer hi jacked spring
the sky was dark “full of fumes n liquors”
the weather was 36 celsius or nearly 90 f
and my house was hot
to open the window was to let in a hot angry breeze
that contained no comfort whatsoever
just the arid threat that this weather is getting worse n worse
this is surely not spring
last night
the weather broke and today its rainy
which is a relief
although i left my one n only pair of boots in the rain

in other breaking ttb news
my mother is out of hospital for her knee op
and says shes feeling much better
joycies 80 this month
which aint a bad innings
but it’ll be great to see her charging around
the way she used to
(she also mildly reprimanded me for not calling her in hospital)

tibor my ford falcon has picked this hot time
to decide the air con aint working anymore
blowing out a hot hellish gust instead of cooling zephyrs
thanks tibor…..nice timing

our feng shui good luck sign fell down and the glass broke
(i got some in my foot!…how lucky is that?)

yesterday i visited a warehouse in st peters
where some friends of mine are (trying to ) making a movie
yes i have a part as a zen surfer keith part of “old bondi”
i’m also doing the music
they put me on the spot yesterday to put some words to music
the main protagonist has a list of things hes selling at a garage sale
and i set it to a little guitar progression and sang it for em
lucien who is the writer
started to cry and he ran off all emotional
and i knew i’d hit the spot
it was a real list of all the things he’d had to sell
when he moved out of bondi in the nineties
and to hear his quite pathetic list sung out was too much
i quickly discovered the pathos and milked it with my voice
and lu was weeping and all strange
“thats the magic” he was saying
“ive been waiting so long to hear that…”
lu is a director who directs plays here n there
the guy gives everything for theatre
and has absolutely no money whatsoever
he totally lives his dream of theatre
and puts everything he has into it
regardless of income or outcome
a true artist suffering and sacrificing for what he does
he never asks for anything
and usually is crashing in someones living room
i really really hope
lu can cash in a bit if this flick goes ahead
cos the guy doesnt have anything …at all
and he deserves something

my poor old bonsai is struggling n struggling
oh oh oh how i love my little port jackson fig
i gave it a big session yesterday
i spoke with it
“oh you gorgeous beautiful tree!”
and i touched it stroked it
and gave it some crystal healing
lo n behold
my darling little tree
has unfurled a new leaf
its first new leaf for ages n ages
it has stubbornly held onto life
i’m doing something wrong
but now maybe the tables have turned
i really feel as if i reached the tree yesterday
giving it all the strength i could give
you should see it…..its looking so much better..

tonite i’m on telly again
capping a media filled couple of weeks
where i seemed to be everywhere
tonite theyre showing the kev carmody special
including rehearsals n interviews
we gonna do the whole thing up in qld next year
and melbournians n perthians be watching out for
a triffid attack early next year
(hope i wasnt spilling any secret beans there)

next week i do word in hand at glebe
a spoken word gig..tho i will have my trusty 12 along as well
not sure exactly what i will do
but please come along and support my malarkey
i really love to see di n therese at all my gigs
ladies it makes me feel braver to see yer familiar faces
may vishnu bless you…..

i’m trying to cut down on pot smoking
ive handed my stash over to the missus
and im trying to just cut down
then give up entirely
i have a shocking cough
and my body must be so sick of thc by now
i mean
i dont even get stoned anymore
i roll up a spliff
share it with people
theyre all hallucinating n drifting about
but i have too high a tolerance for anything to happen
so i’m trying to stop gradually
but i’m an addict and have been for so damn long
its not like getting off the gear
but its still hard
and already its starting to call out to me
here i am
come on
have a smoke
but my throat n lungs are adamant
we need a rest
maybe i’ll make some cookies

thats it
its saturday
its raining
what am i gonna do with all these kids?
uh i dunno

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