posted on February 4, 2012 at 4:35 pm

the apostles greed

delicate thoughts

a radiance ablaze with burning honour

a grace descended from highest heaven

my stars have aligned in your skies

the palm lined ocean boulevards where i trudged as a child

they have flung themselves open in delirious transport

now i open ceremonies

now i attend great meetings

now i wander the lushest most private gardens

arriving dusty from the heat of the street

i doff my white garments in the coolest chamber

invisible hands anoint me with soothing oils

lavender and sandalwood and ones i cant name

in the echoes of her silent voice that sings in her dome

in the rippling air that  moves random fields

in the unguents used and elusive melodies

in my love of the land coaxing oaks from this earth

in waterfalls and pools where the blackest eel lies

in the moonbows above the crescent

in the sheets that dry in this beautiful breeze

today let it be a holy day for evermore

let us live this day over and over  my friends

the statues all seem to move of her

the marble is veined with her blood i see

the hewn athene like one arm broken off

a venus conjured from a slab of obsidian rock

an ishtar in moving metal showing all her attributes

mercurial wonder ! i am on fire with ether

i squeeze water from basalt

i assist the passage of inklings thru the void

i find the things i thought i lost

i imagine the things i could once only remember

or is it the other way around…..?

the day turns in

the night stands off waiting

saraswati stay longer i implore to emptiness

the light is changing within the spheres

an unlikely cloud has sundered the summer

and everyone has walked away from the sea



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