posted on November 24, 2015 at 7:22 pm


the numb still contain pain

man i am so fucking sick and its weird here

bad thoughts assail vivid reveries of worlds gone wrong

my guitar done come to life and its throbbing in my hands

all my songs sound like they are coming from the whirlwind

i go in a door like a dream

but the dream also has a door

baby its the path to ruin

the air full with unholy vibration

snapping flash a camera records the deep bass

my dissolving eyes like being underwater

women with children swim by

yeah i’m walking down bream street breathing with my new gills

in an uber on a way to a gig booked one million years ago

one minute the blackest alleys

then noise and colour explodes as we are born into a room of  creatures

someone pushes you forward to meet the queen of all rocknroll

but when you open your eyes…look at you up on that stage..!

here are the guys in another band

a deer a horse a mouse and a crafty fox

octopus manager with a tentacle in every deal

no fuck it but the drums have started up

boom boom bompitty boom boom crash wallop thump boom boom

the wrangler who is the ghost of a girl in a painting

yeah youre on

she smiles and points to the wings and beyond that the dull red lights of the stage

the orchestra hit their stride and the strings give out the smell of sweeping late spring

the thought splinters into inklings running parallel to each other

all outcomes play simultaneously yes its quite maddening

still you take the mic and sing some distant meaningless words that enchant the evening

but its all sucked through times funnel elongating and accelerating into past

i’m slapping an old friend on the back

outside in the carpark daylight threatens to be rubbed back to night

in black drips the twilight paint comes running down a sky

the show is over i been standing here forever feeling sick

a cold thrill travels along inside my spine

my aching axe will not go into its case

i start trying to force it in

and it starts fighting back

oh but where was i..?

doing an interview on a phone

i listen to myself raving on and i plan a revolution

the white screen irradiates its silent scream

i sneeze and i sneeze

and i sneeze up fucked up universes

i dream and out of my pores flows globes of dismal worlds

today all my possibilities are cancelled or put on hold

i have no ins and hardly any outs

temples burning with fever

shadows moving of their own accord





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