posted on November 13, 2013 at 5:58 pm
yellow peril

yellow peril

boot goes in
empire fall on deaf eerie silent
crashed out of space
the new technology : i am altered
the moon is unafraid out there alone
the forest in collision
the flying pines fill the sky above us
fish unleashed from the water sing in the air
the sunsets rays interpenetrate the surface of a maze
on certain days or by phases of the moon soon time will come
with the hum of machinery and in the void of nothingness
every creature has a soul that must evolve in solvency
the wicked who bickered while rome burnt learnt to lessen more
the wise king by the river a giver of peace killed by his own police
i walk a world where war underscores the law
it opens door for vulture and his whore, lil death galore
i’m playing this game and i’m shooting them down
the freak and the victim and the beggar and clown
i launch a flaming spear that burns through the night
a spirit doth whisper in my tiny ear
the language of dispossession i hear
in the freezing mornings still to come
i cant run anymore the hills have been conquered
i’m irradiated by my flowing screen by something so unseen
no maybe this is real this time i cant tell
i cant wait to tell you
you organize a bunch of press
but they pressed my buttons to my chess
the gun you gave me sprouting daisy
and the wrong address

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