posted on January 3, 2010 at 5:31 am

or in another life
some mathematician
i dreamed up a groovy sequence of notes
the numbers always came up for me
the beautiful sevens
the lovely thirteens
the supreme twenty threes
with my king minus subtraction contraption
with my strings of vulgar fractions
with my areas
with my volumes
with my sweet velocity
with my ratios and indices
with my theoretical place in the universe
i juggled numbers in such a way
even those who could not understand would see
the fruitful curves of geometry
where the numbers turned into music
and the music turned into a spell
and the spell was a number of words
and each number represented a value
a colour and a letter
and i grabbed hold of existence
at its deepest square root
at the prime number embedded in its core
i tore back the zeros from the one
at once i perceived this reality’s formulae
which cannot ever be accurately expressed
only inwardly observed
everything fitted the sequence
the sequence was a loop
the loop was a circle with radii and
a voluptuous circumference
by means of certain calculations
the nature of reality could be apprehended
on paper
in pencil
or in the stars in our skies
or in the majesty of storms
or in the hand of karma
or in the arms of love
or in the art of the old masters
or in the eyes of the glorious saints
or in the finality of death
the final division
between the living and the dead
dead or alive
off or on
zero or one
we are binary creatures in an omni-dimensional model
in theatres of operations
before the great emperors of our worlds
our 3 worlds
past present future
here there everywhere
jesus jehovah holyspirit
brahma vishnu shiva
good bad and ugly
yes the threes came thick and fast as
i performed for those great kings
my number dance
my sequence of perfect notes
my musical vision
my deduction of unreality
my addition of infinties
my incredible arithmetic tock tick
oh time
oh space
oh intelligence
oh imperceptibility
out of thin air
i pulled the numbers
that proved the theorem
that justified the joy
that permeated each strata
that multiplied the data
that love increased and increased
it all ceased

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