posted on May 5, 2012 at 6:27 pm

ardent nymphaea

i came home my honey made me figs poached in honey

seaflowers pressed in white parchment

crisp white bread and crimson wine

a goblet of green glass i slosh it down thirsty

my hand stretched towards the table laid in damask

the plates and the urns turned in red earth

the nymph dressed in black fishing net against these cream walls

as year one begins an albino snake is born

its red eyes in winter as we sit before her fire

two of her creatures collected together

but the wine makes me warm so deep inside

then afterwards

everything we tried

as year two begins her goat has twin kids

we will call them helen and paris she said with a laugh

on hot summer nights we lay on the soft mossy rocks

when a huge full moon enslaved all the sky

one day she killed paris the kid

and then her face she hid

as year three begins her elemental maids bathe me in her magnesium baths

they have not touched a man for eons she said

and they laughed as they scrubbed the brine from my back

at night i watched the sea

as she called for me

as year four begins there falls some lovely mist

and everything just appears from it as if new

i catch a silver fish

and lo inside there is a golden trojan coin

i do not like this at all she said

but i something about it soothed my head

as year five begins we see a ship a hundred leagues away

we see it in her magic pool where we can see anything

but i cannot look for long

and the cold is early this year

i must talk in my sleep

beyond us amphitrite listens in the deep

as year six begins she puts me through a little ceremony

i am crowned in gold leaf dandelion and i dress in my white cloth

i say something in a language unknown yet familiar

and she smiles

now maybe you can always remainĀ 

the music will begin

and i fall right in….

the seventh year is here




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