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see dee

see dee

Final thoughts on the idyllist

Oh boy I gotta lotta on my plate so I wont linger longer on idyllist

So much happening all at once you see

Now my internets down n I’m writing this in “word”

So that accounts for all the fucking capitals n stuff

Anyway the machine knows better than me what I want to write

Ok idyllist is a sprawling drawling mélange

A hodge podge of all the music I ever heard baby n then some

Its un-apollo-getically eclectic

There is no theme no rhyme or reason

In that it reminds me of todd by todd rundgren

A tour-de-force of a slightly unhinged nutty genius just running amok

Ie one song does not prepare you for the next

One mans variety is another mans lack of continuity I guess

That’s the funny thing with me I manage to be right n wrong at same time being

Ok so I just listened to the cd up loud

Theres some glaring brilliant bits and some brilliantly glaring bits

Theres a few sonic problems here and there

Theres a few bum notes

Theres a few things too loud a few things too soft

Things that shoulda been but were…uh…yeah you get the picture..i know

its Kilbey its his solo album what would you expect fucking TOTO?

Its raw its earthy its undisciplined its loose its ragged

Its spontaneous its silly its dopey its comi-tragedy

Orchestras barge in outta nowhere

Strange foreign instruments pop up all over the place

All the little jingly things tap away

12 string strum strum strum

typical of yer sk stuff as always was from 1977

I always strumming my twelve you know so well my listeners

Usually never far away from sk and his song

Theres that simple bass impudently insistent bullying every song

The bass is the subtext

It tells you whats really going on

The e guitars doing my usual scratchy shifty fucked up racquet

Some naively amazing moments when it all goes right

Some glorious collisions when it doesn’t

My bum notes like my chequered past baby

Oh just let it all hang out !

Idyllist grew up and had a life of its own

Its not what I expected

It must have made its self because I cant remember making it now

I don’t know what some of the words are

Its become another one of my albums now

Its probably gotta be one of the best

The banal and accomplished butt heads and dissolve

Suddenly it all seems to mean so much then its gone by next song

It is no ordinary record yet not extraordinary either

It is the beatles Dylan bolan bowie regurgitated thru my eyes

But at some uncontrollable random generation

The ideas all stand next to the other bizarrely juxtaposed

In some songs everything is all woozy lurching

The words are …oh how can I explain…why would I even try..

Nobody writes words like me

It isn’t possible and who would even want to

I stand alone here in my niche

No one will ever replace me as better at doing this

I know that

I have it all under control believe it or newt

And I got more amazing music and collaborations coming atcha

A very exciting project I will announce as soon as confirmed

The next kil/ken is a mindblowing giant of a record

Seriously I love to blow my own cor anglais

But cor blimey “you are everything” is a blockbuster

A deep spiritually wry album full of huge arrangements

Mixed to a pristine yet experimental perfection by s polinski

Quite different to idyllist

Which is a chaotic record compared to that records careful order

I am proud of idyllist tho I cant really take it in anymore

But through all that I know its pretty good

Its indefinable its strange quirky absent minded

Its an interesting record if nothing else

It heralds a kind of new beginning

And it is therefore a fresh start

And I hope with everything I learned

That the next record totally solo will be apokrypha

That elusive and monstrous masterpiece I hear in my head

Certainly there are elements of that here

The outro to truth aint enough etc

Theres some of it on here already

But idyllist is full of light n shade but apok wont be

It will be one incredible thing

This is many scattered things

Look in the end

I like it

How couldn’t you like it?

All those years I should make good records

I sure cant do much else

This is my calling my living my vocation my manifest destiny

Making records and now taking back more control

I sincerely thank those who have already purchased it

We will get it out first thing tomorrow incl posters for lucky hundred

Finally to Thank skp people too who made it possible

Ie alleviating financial pressure enabling me to do this at all

Each one of you is a patron of the arts

That’s it you wont hear anything about it again for a long time

I guarantee it

And the next record is already almost waiting in the wings…

Love sk bondi beach 2013

see dee

see dee


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