posted on February 28, 2011 at 6:26 am

perry scope

bondi oh the weather is warm

night arrives

the cars all leave

the ghosts in the house whisper

there they are but you missed em

coincidences on top of serendipity

things get wild outside

i am out here naked in the dimming light

morning straight into evening

evening straight into morning

my daughters :

aurora :  a brilliant mind and a somewhat guarded heart

her blonde hair turning dark

her olive skin

her piercing brown eyes

she sees she remembers she appraises

eve :

soft feminine intuitive forgiving

her hair like a tangle of dryad roots

her already voluptuous figure

her trusting green eyes

her gorgeous husky voice when she sings

scarlet :

the wild card

beautiful angry difficult overflowing with love

strong and sturdy

her broad forehead bulging with brains

her sky blue eyes which search souls…..

the tour is over

some say we are the best band in the world these days

peter : the master musician

thoroughly understanding music on every level

wonderful melodious versatile original

marty : the guitar hero

passionate dedicated fiery intuitive

the ying to peters yang

tim : the deep foundation

powerful incessant steady subtle

drumming singing steering the show

me : the joker

the bass guitar

the words

the voice

we have a made a great leap forward somehow

miraculously after 30 years still blossoming and blooming

fucking nailing it….eh?!

we embrace so many contradictions

we slay our audiences now

we walk on and we let em have it

3 hours of poignant sound bound to make you smile and cry

let me tell you we use only the very finest ingredients

and we add boy wonder craig wilson into the blend

imagine a geezer so precociously talented

that he can just jump into any church song on any instrument

and replicate it authentically

there is only one other i have seen do that

and that was ricky maymi

i myself would never be capable of this kind of musicianship

and instead of growing dull and safe and insipid

the church still yearning for the thrill

oh believe me its a thrill

to lock down like a machine

the church is a rolls royce

you cant feel how fast you are really going

you are enveloped in a lush cushioned ride

our machine is inexorable and precise

for various reasons we have arrived here

we had the raw talent to start with

we stuck to our guns

we learned to ride the popularity curve

becoming neither too despondent or too cocky

we went away from each other

we gathered many new abilties

we became minstrels teachers producers painters

we are harsh on ourselves

fuck yes we have high standards for what we will let pass

and while not yet quite in old age

we have a deep experience of playing

master craftsmen working in rock n roll

playing u23 i myself began to realise what a great record

priest = aura what can you say?

in some parallel universe where everyone has 50 extra IQ points

priest is considered a classic by all

sorry folks the church isnt all inchoate musical feeling

the lyrics on this album ….

for fucks sake who could write this stuff but me…..?

i stand there singing the disillusionist

marvelling at the venomous ferocity  i hurl at myself

i take in all other lyricists and i spit out kilbey

look i got it all in there didnt i?

and then straight away changing into old flame

the tenderest shortest sweetest  song in the language of love

my fucked up brilliant mind

wanted to incorporate it all

i had a good try

my lyrics are ambitious

i take inspiration from the greatest writers from all places n times

i love the book of genesis and chuck berry

i love all great artistic movements

i am of impressionism automatic writing surrealism

ambiguity collective unconscious drugs dreams drama

shakespeare strindberg marvel super heroes whatever it is

all of it

our complete history

every glorious or sordid moment

every weird wonderful cerebral sexual transcendent thing

puzzles dilemmas mazes phrases proverbs lies

big words because i write for MY audience

and they are mostly educated intelligent people

and they demand something worthwhile in their music

and the church provides something worthwhile

i guess

more to come…..



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