posted on April 24, 2011 at 7:43 pm

plummet in some seamless night

my hand dealt by your hand

queen of clubs goes on the king of dope

the jack of all trades goes on the red car pet

the knave of rolex between the suits

my brain stuffed full of memory

someone write down the score

ok ok i’m jus’ warming up

the words will flow

you cant force the process you know

its easter sunday surely the day itself is in hearts

i’m steve kilbey in spades

the kitten is the two of clubs

and scarlet kilbey is some red queen

the game of life starts by all players being dealt out their hands

oh man you gotta play the hand thats dealt ya

ok no one is agreeing on the game either

i thought after a foul i got 2 free goes

or could jump to a square n get crowned n be a king in tyrus

just for the night

crowned in crown street

downed in the high street

i move through diagonals i think unseen

i glimpse at your cards

oh no i am not afraid to cheat

oh i’d like to move your pieces

oh i’d like to see your 6s and 7s

oh i’d like to know where yer knights gonna go

i get all mixed up

secretly the queen of spades gets passed back n forth between the players

its the maximum penalty

she is a lethal lady

she is anathema to a real player

thanks you bastard says some unlucky sod as i slip him black queen

i’m sorry man …i begin

yeah yeah says the player…you dont look fuckin’ sorry

i smirk behind my sunglasses then

black queen goes straight for ace of diamonds

you bastard says another player as black queen comes out

she lays on the table looking up at you

go on she says goading you on

kinda hard to tell her age

go on she says

if youre man enough

fuck this i rifle through my hand

the joker screams at me from behind the 9 of wands

the other players have responded with their big guns

unable to contain my triumph i lay down joker with a small scream

fuck you where’d ya get that from ? says one of the players

‘e’s gotta fuckin’ mortgage on the fuckin’ joker! says another angrily

black queen goes thru em like dominos going down

but you played your one n only joker now what…?

the other players have upped the ante

the bets are obscene

one folds like a deck chair

another jumps over men in an L shape

its simple he says

no dealer no drama

i shuffle i huff

i suddenly in on a bluff

i play rough

i never feel i got enough

zeitgeist? tough!

yeah its all froth n bits o’fluff

until the hard stuff






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