posted on May 11, 2007 at 9:50 pm

have an hour to write this before bloggers outage
listening to ipod again on noise cancel headphones
1st up science fiction by divinyls
must be nks track
this is 3rd time this has come up in a cuppla weeks
didnt like grown woman dressed as school girl
it confused me……
i never had a fetish for school girls
cept maybe when as i was at school
and im unsure why there is some tacit implication
that some olde women
(shes gotta be same age as me..)
dressed up as a lamb was sexy
the song is ok…i guess
ooh i should read her biography i spose
next ride
tongue tied from firing blanks
this isnt really what they do best
cos stripped of the noise
theres just some wide eyed jangly blim blam
so next
beechwood park
the zombies
its pretty good
but i heard it a lotta times
when i was “young”
until one day when i was very nauseous
i listened to this album
and forever it imprinted itself on me
and i feel sick when i hear it
…like a lotta music
ah ah
more slowdive
it just aint random
ive lost my manual
explain why it chooses some over n over
ignores others
yessaday played grant track then everything takes forever
off jacky frosty
this slowdive is vey lovely
a modest waltzy instrumental
feel the sunshine by blank n jones
not my cuppa tea really
i got this cos my track is on the album
i guess cood come in handy
if youre with yer ladeee…
o children
nick caved
lyre of orf
fairly standard stuff
close to a parody now
forster n mclennan live in germany
if the devil had seen yer dress….
no comment
the byrds
i come n stand
oh achingly beautiful sad stuff
a song sung by a dead child from hiroshima
” im seven now as i was then…
when children die they do not grow..”
love this songs bleak beauty
tvc 15
wow the olde thin wide archduke is dispro represented
on my my poddo
anyone else getting this?
this is ok
not my fave…oh
part1 by yellow6
they got about 10 records
go get em
if you like this kinda thing
talk of the town by pretenders
perfect pop
this song unfolds in simple logic like a pop equation
nice stuff
is it really written about me….?
dead bodies by air
love air but not this one so much
but air are heirs to that french movie gushing euro muzac
i love em
good for many purposes
especially perhaps as a musical background
for les games d’amoureuse…
moss garden by d bowie again
yes superb
farewell fire by boards of canada
tasty stuff
investigate this
because of you
bill nelson
a guy i admire
but this is meady ochre
not worth mentioning really why
its just disappointing
wait till summer the kinks
kinda dylany
or something
6 outta ten
more ride
from tarantula
kinda run outta ideas or something
deep inside my pocket
doesnt work when these guys come on tough
its kinda funny actually
thorn in my side
must be nks…

the long n winding road
a funny alternative take
oh yeah
such a classic its hard to bee objective
king of rumbling spires by t rex
weird in between track
light all the fires …..
last track
inertia creeps by massive attack
oooh dark

thats it
today working on a secret musical project

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