posted on May 31, 2011 at 2:28 pm

i remain totally fucking unrepentant

i was uh down in the city on a miracle street

got on a fuckin’ bus n i took a seat

i musta  uh been giving off some  spirit heat

the woman right beside me is uh curling her feet

and the avenues rush past like an aquarium

yeah the deluge has begun in the uh interim

and the drugs in my pockets start to burning them

and i think about uh jeffrey down in birmingham

and i think about a certain little enterprise

and i bet you all uh wanted it to be otherwise

and i’m seeing this mis-vision through other mans eyes

and in a mid-collision with my own pack of lies

and i’m lost in my own street in a womans size

and i’m juggling the aliens and the alibis

when the light turns black i’m down at the back

with my vanilla crackle n my honey smack

when the light turns white i stay up all night

thats when uh love is easy and uh time is tight

i’m a duplicator i’m a fabricator i’m a mangy panther

i’m a alligator

if you would just stay still

i will make you oh so beautiful

when the light turns grey its yet another day

my mansuit getting kinda come what may

and the illegal bets and the uh illegal pets

and all the stuff i’m getting off the internets

thank you serf for your perfect sets

thank you earth with uh certain regrets

thank you to my avatar for making me real

thank you to my fingers for making me feel

thank you to lord vishnu who dreamed up this game

there aint much praise theres a whole loada blame

why even a uh man- jaguar is easy to tame

its a shame if your name is your uh claim to fame

when the lights turn pink i follow the link

when the lights turn in

i put the whole thing

down to sin

i’m savant idiot i’m a stupid genius i’m a minor hit

i’m a candle lit

if you would just hold still i will make you oh so




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