posted on March 29, 2012 at 12:17 am

a blow for the cause

baby take off your riverboots

and dont forget to eat up your filmshoots

a cannibal isle bee

the cooked booker his fried fee

hooker looks at hook says call smee

my galleon is running a ground says he

a door ajar of mouses

a floor above the haunted houses

we see she espouses certain forbidden n hidden fibs

she ridden a kitten out of a fog

surprised the reprisals began with a dog

hogged the logos  rhythm in spasm in a prism

ma’am the RAM is full pull the hard drive

honey the musics all runny its dripped

i ripped it and burned it and finally i sipped it

my lips were chapped and charged and all chipped

my voice was a little brittle ‘mongst the wattle

a grotto in the ghetto where gepetto fashions pin ok oh

electric conga line eel shorting coke

milk whitening fleshed enmeshed crash

micro soft surge urge my stash to ash

i cant find my mind here ..will it appear sincere…?

up the wooden hills to bedfordshire i now wearily tread

goodnight one and all


thats what i said






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