posted on January 8, 2009 at 8:25 pm

no daddy no
miranda screams at her father
who kicks at the grovelling monster at his feet
no daddy stop now daddy
she interposes herself and begs her father to stop
her father gives the sobbing thing one last hefty boot in its guts
before he staggers back exhausted
shaking with indignation
you fucking …….MONSTER!! he shouts at the monster
the monster begins to talk
its speech is racked with sobs and shivers
its voice is deep and sad
why master why? it manages to burble out
ssssh! monster sssshhhh caliban ! says miranda
dont you touch that thing ! thunders prospero
the monster snorts and hisses
what? demands prospero
you dare put your paws to my childe?
his grey eyes filled with clarified anger
what is this?
the monster seems undecided
whether to attack or supplicate
prospero seeing this says
bring it on, sunshine
suddenly the monster leaps up at him
miranda : no no no no
the monster and prospero grapple awkwardly
the monster leans in and tries to maul prosperos neck
he scratches the magicians arms with his claws
the monster laughs and cries at it attacks
saying the word master over n over n over again
master master master master it gurgles obsessively
something we cant see is hurting it
sometime in the future
crowley will say
there is no devil
sometime in the future
engelbert humperdinck will sing
please release me, let me go
sometime in the future
iggy says
now i wanna be your dog
well, cmon….!
marc bolan now playing an arkadian youth :
walking in the woods one day
i met a man who says that he was magic…..(MAGIC!)
david bowie playing a bystander says
smack baby smack is a all that ya feel
caliban whimpers
i used to be the son of the morning star
prospero bleeding and triumphant
stands with his foot on the defeated beast
is this the taste of victory ? he muses
elvis as part of a greek chorus intones
caught in a trap cant walk out
in texas/ilium
jim bowie says to davy crockett
as they look over the walls of troy alamo :
well davy i sure fuckin’ hope you like quesadillas , compadre…
jim morrison and pam in the desert
he says
i feel like a monkey thats been crucified in space….
in alexandria
tony says to cleo
give me the same deal you gave big julie….
in paris hank miller says
hey anais…my ribbons jammed….
ariel the aery sprite
shoots across the sky
in a golden arc
a virtual rainbow vapour trail
a spirit torch
exploding over the pacific ocean
in north bondi
a shower of silver stars

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