posted on July 31, 2006 at 6:00 am

wake of the storm
everything been smashed
malls n markets abandoned
trees blown down
flotsam n jetsam
smashed windows
empty shops
rusting hulks
the brave and resilient people who made it thru
lord preserve them
we hit the gulf
the gulf of mexico
its warm
its balmy
over long bridges that go for miles n miles
over the sea
all the weird new cars over here i aint seen before
the humvees
the porsche 4 wheel drive guzzling planet draining monsters
the traffic abounds
we pass bellingham gardens and some bayous
dense thick swamps
a place for nevets yeblik to meet a voodoo chile
a real zombie n dead chicken allusion
push those pins in nevets
push those little pins in
whose effigy do ye burneth
now do the voodoo you do so well
all those shops with skulls n powder
but dont ask any questions about her
all your songs come back n bite yore ass nevets dont they
no no muse that is not the case
but your words torment you nevets…admit it at once
no muse it is the balm of the tormented man
that he may forget at will , i have this ability
and often do i exercise it…
then tell them nevets
tell them of alabama
tell them of mobile where yer best frend jc n mr sleigh
escaped from
muse, you know i was half asleep
listnin to hawkwind space ritual
i but glimpsed the city fromma dream
and drifted back
nevets tell them of the beggars at the service station
tell them of the explosion of vegetation
nature prevails…
itll take five minutes after humans disappear
before the jungle swallows this whole place up
and swallows it down too
tonite im in a nice room looking out at leafy hedges
a blue pool undulates in the sickle moonlight
there is a gentle haze over the world
light is diffused
the temperature is the most perfect temp i ever felt
you wouldnt want a split nano up or down
the night air fills up my stuffy room slowly
i blow a bone
i need to do some yoga
i need to call nk n doodles
but its so late now
and 2morrow another long drive to fort lauderdale
early morning
but i certainly travel
and i see such stuff
and i try to remember it
and drag it into songs
for y’alls pleasure
thats it
its early morning now

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