posted on April 18, 2006 at 12:35 am

good morning you voracious fiendss
youve come hanging round
looking for a blogfixx
hanging round on the internet
ready to wolfe down my words
(secretly coated in an invisible
tasteless odourless alkaloid
that will cause addiction after
prolonged exposure)
im sittin in the caf
wearing my negative uninvited like the crowds
t shirt
i have haad some good gnus though
elli herself rang this morning
chatted for 15 minutes
feeling itchy n restless
maybe god willing
she can return home soon
pretty much back to her olde
elli-ish self
but i have actually learned a lot
about her in the last 2 weeks
she displayed constant fortitude
despite everything
and i KNOW
she did better than i woulda done
when i was 14
i appreciate yer concern people
i really do
this is beyond the masks of society
this stuff makes you need other people
and im glad you were there
for me
in the way that you were
luddite that i am
i fume about computers
yet i owe so much to the intahnett
and the way people who liked what
i/we did
could kinda focus themselves
and think its great
and i think its great
that i dont have to wait weeks n weeks
to find out what YOU GUYS think of the things we did
before it was just the critics
(n their little fucking axes theyre grinding)
but now
its instant
im grateful for that

doing some last minute werk on basement tapes
with peter k n jorden bee
hey jb is one talented nice cat
he mixes us live in sydney
he plays guitar on ultc n bwtb
he engineers vox n mixes bwtb
he sings b vox on ultc
a true gentleman n scholar
a true fifth member of the hchcur
also david trump
another bouy genius
he has mixed played sung n written n recorded
with us for years n years
hes mixed ultc (in 2004)
its a great sounding record
its beefy
its smooth
its got lotsa subtle things
thatll take ya a while to pick up on

i loved the review in lunarpuke6
old guys who took 2 many drugs one
except i think to myself
cos the dude is saying this ones like heyday
n this ones like blah blah blah
and im thinkin’
but you must be pretty old yerself
if things are remindin ya of heydey
we getting some goode reviews so far
so far…
of course
some little matt snow is out there
as we speak
sittin in his flat in wapping
the eggy stains still congealing on his shirty
reaching for his laptop
(even tho he no longer has a lap)
and having cause to hit the vitriol button hard
but you all know the problems we rock artists face
in 2006
there are restrictions
we wanna work within the restrictions
yet simultaneously slowly open out
i think ultc does that n more
its the first hchcru that makes me wanna dance
its brash its smooth its stupid its wise
its primitive its sophisticated its cerebral
its sexy
come on what more can you ask for
you gonna be playin this disc for a lot longa
than mosta the othah stuff you shell out for this year
itll keep revealing things to ya for years
i put em in there for ya
slow release
fluctuations over the years
sometimes itll be different
thats it
love on ya

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