posted on September 16, 2008 at 8:37 pm

in the purr-fect stillness of a spring morn
the alligator babies push against their leathery eggs
and soundlessly mouth the word mama
the distance stretched out taut like a prisoner
the mauve and purple distance where i hurl my song
hey i see the new messiah and i dig his crazy horns
hey i sew sequins on mother natures green gown
hey i make a ring of forget-me-nots for the prince of spring
all around the edges of the forest the woodland creatures gather
scratching at their whiskers expectantly and sniffing the air
the gnomes go abroad leaving their winter strongholds in the woods
the lily of the valley arrives white and naked
and she stands proud and un’shamed by the ford
in the holy mornings you will see her
open to the sky
drink in the rays
tapping moisture with aerial roots
sure enough the golden carp cavort neath her skirts
and the shy trout darts among the shadows
the wee folk from the shallows then come out
the fisherfolk and those who weave gossamer winged creations
the drowned girl sits up midstream and wonders
and titus groan, still alone
now an old old man
lives in a cosy bole
far from the halls of flint
everybody sing for spring
her ladyship arrives in a frock of flowers
sunflowers and moonflowers intertwined
and honey suckle and milky lemurian roses
and a swarm of attendant bees dressed royally in black and gold
and her little brownies who giggle and gossip till after midnight
indeed as the evening falls deep in the darkling dells
the immortals fade up into view
dionysus as a swaggering youth
mercury as a gentle fool
aphrodite dressed as a boy
athene with her bare breasts
aurora all golden brown and brown eyed
lovely eve mother of mankind
little scarlet all rosy pink and
gurgling like a brook
treespirits come forth!
demands jesus with his black jaguar by his side
and lo
out they come again
same as the last spring poem
those dancing ladies of gods garden
those strange spirits that live in oak and elm
see the birches supple step
see the larchs lithe limbs
the spruce sways on the spot
the pine girls whirl around
and music
who plays this sweet music
lord krishna appears
with all divine markings and all favourable auspices
he deigns to play his flute for us
oh delight for the dancers
and singers of spring
beautiful krishna walking from his beloved jungle
lovely radha draped round his neck
say this night will last ten thousand years
oh krishna we are weary of war and old men who shout
we long for lifetimes in the cool night
away from the glare of mortality
its never ending anxieties
let this night endure
let this night prevail over time
let the swans float forever on your rivers
let the mist drift forever past your moon
let all merry creatures and beasts go unharmed for this tonight
let zeus fetch his best blood red wine
and let the lord of arrows strike up his lyre
pinch a fat babys cheek and sing to luna
cavort in the groves with your lovers
let the glades be thrown open to nightingales
and lanterns strung between the bumping trees
let everything be blessed and nothing forbidden
let the gods mingle freely
let the celebrations never end
i sing my song for the forlorn and weary of heart
i sing my song for the lonely and for the poor
spring is here
spring is here
jump up from your beds
and rejoice!
winter is gone
renewal has come
the zephyrs are inviting
the stream is warm
the nights will be everlasting
spring magic
spring love
spring spring
la la la
tra la la
hey nonny hey ho
hey ho

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