posted on October 21, 2008 at 8:27 pm

a smoke
music plays low n cool
smooth operator smooth op-a-ra-ta
some cat was laying down a lotta soul he said
the mirror lies about your age
its raining outside
but outside doesnt exist
oh youre a lucky man
light some incense …..musk and sandalwood
baby gets out the shower half drunk already
her eyes roll a round in her head
she moves thru the dark in a slight stumble
half dressed in her costume
oh yes you look lovely my little creature
you look so…….extraordinary
you spent so long getting ready
now all sweet and dishevelled
docile and intoxicated : loves swift darts
and if you asked what year this is
why she wouldnt know
the screen flickers silently…someones mouth open
the cushions are plumped and waiting
the night tap tap tap at the little window
the clock racing
i dont want time to pass… the creature whispers rather naively
or i wish it would go on n on non….just like this she adds
what language is she talking in someone wonders i guess
the author in my head is grasping for words
the words gasp for life
the mirror reflects her in pink n white n blonde n black
she is like a foggy moon with her own reflected glow
her brown eyes are quite vacant now
she looks but doesnt seem to see
i think about how lord krishna slowed down a night
for thousands of years
and he multiplied himself into thousands
and he danced with the thousands of women
and he loved them all
and each thought she had that sly blue god to herself
and krishna whirled about himself in the rasa lila
and the other gods dropped beautiful flowers on them from the sky
and time, so in love with the lord, was induced to indeed stop
and each kiss and caress of the lord was perfect
and the young women would swoon under his divine hand
and the warm indian night
and the tigers watch on in awe
and the snakes unblinking eye mesmerized
and the white swan glides
and the pink lotus blooms
and pleasure
no not knowledge
or triumph
or power
but pleasure
this warm night traded for the cold aching morrow
this moving room for the rat race
this comely wench for old skullfaced death
this white powder for ash
this wine for christs blood
this holy smoke for the pyre
my little coquette what you tryin’ to forget
our selves
this night
this rain
the throbbing black vegetation
the mescaline filled cactii screaming to be eaten
the thunder of distant doors slamming
baby puts iggy n the stooges on
im so messed up i need ya here sings iggy
now i wanna be your dog
now i wanna be your dog
well come on !
the guitar incandesces in a white fizz in my frozen mind
anxiety and lust in equal partnership
i want more
i want more too she says
more n more n more
and time to stop forever
little doll i cant forget sings iggy thru the rain n the years
across the room and through other worlds
marilyn monroe naked in the pool like a killer whale
mae west manhandles the equipment
is that all you? she jokes
as you tinkle on her piano in the wee small hours
in her apartment above miracle street
brings happiness n everything sings iggy
yeah and then
i think about keith
i need a love to make me happy
i need a love to make me happy
baby make me happy
baby keep me happy
the rain keeps falling out there somewhere
i’m starting to feel happier
much much happier

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