posted on July 10, 2009 at 6:40 pm

(me n cst coach ryan m
discussing the best way to wring an idiots neck)

its hard being me
its hard being a human
its hard being a creature on this planet
theres always more twists n turns ahead
accidents to avoid
crises to avert
revolutions to crush
suffering the slings n arrows
the gig in connecticut was slightly derailed
by a guy who wanted to stand up the front
in the theatre
dangling his hands on the stage
touching the cables etc
the theatre didnt want it
for whatever reason
and asks him not to
but he wants to
eventually i get kinda embroiled in it
i dont know what to do
i dont care
im neutral
but the guy is calling out
n carrying on
nothing major
just a niggling useless problem
by this stage
its all about the guy
his rights etc
he doesnt care the gig is going down the tube
maybe he cant see it
then he starts calling out to mwp
getting him involved
just losing all our momentum
the guy loved the church
but in the end
it ended up damaging us
this is what i mean
as a human being
you push one way
you get the opposite result
you protect freedom…you get a police state
you tolerate anything…you lose yer freedom
you try n help but you often hinder
you try to be consoling
people say dont condescend
try not to get involved you become aloof
try to get involved and youre in someones face
this isnt just for me
its for everyone
some kinda design error makes everything hard
until you finally get
windows that dont open
because someone jumped outta window once
now no go in most american hotels
how about
for your own safety this gun doesnt shoot
for your own safety the war has been cancelled
for your own safety the bad food is unavailable
ha ha
so i tried hard after the annoying man finally buggered off
but somehow my attention was diverted
i was thinking about a load of stuff
instead of being in the zone
where i shoulda been all along
because thats when you get a good show
no one wanted it to happen
but it did
just like iraq n vietnam n ww1 n 2
and all the other stuff
from tiny to huge
that just keeps going wrong here
for us hu-man beings
we did recover towards the end
and ended up having an ok gig
just one of those things
like stubbing your toe
or catching a cold
or killing yourself to live
or the beatings will continue until morale improves
let me say this
i do my best usually
i listen to what you say
a lot to juggle
imagine being a president or general or pilot or captain
everyday i hear n see contrary things
i get confused
i make bad calls
i make poor decisions
i ignore the wrong people
i listen to the wrong people
sometimes the futility of it all
i dunno

tonite its albany
last u.s. gig
we re here now
its a weird kinda theatre
in a govt building
who knows how its gonna go…?
see ya
sk upstate new york
empire plaza

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