posted on June 7, 2011 at 2:20 pm

inflammation of spirit

greetings from nowhere my cadillacs gone

the moon is a slut and she fucks with the sun

hey can you see me with my dessert boots on

hey can you hear me with my  polaroid song

i spent all my money on dawn and on candy

i went into sea and i came out all sandy

i went into city n i saw you with randy

hes a good little boy and his stuff comes in handy

hey can you read me i’m off of the track

i love it when you run your land down my back

my fucking dagger that just stands there in black

or my nepalese kiss that commands every  stack

oh the holiest snatch of profane waning song

oh the feeling of catch when the trap is set wrong

its not a patch on the macho along

its gotta hatch before your billabong

oh you went to a restaurant with your newly friend

i dont doubt you’ll come to a real sticky end

love make believe if you have to pretend

pretend that your bending your borrow to lend

the soup was a green clammy chowder with fizz

the salad undressing you with its dead kiss

the main course and the sauce tasted like piss

a lovely drink after (the laughter was his)

the night was a zoo the house was a cage

oh honey youve entered but on the wrong stage

oh baby so vacant so strongly engaged

oh child this consensual world is your age

oh idiot mind oh simian fix

oh horrible name oh animal licks

oh brute full of skull oh toms harrys dicks

oh hideous house full of pricks in the styx

the winter was cold the snow lay around

youre getting warmer and warmer virginia found

back in the ring for just one more round

back in the middle for just one more pound

a nasty dumb note then arrived in my box

pig latin with the charisma of socks

a boring boar roared at the fox

a gorilla no killer no thriller an ox

did you really then brag about this disgrace

and butt your head on the awfullest place

and swing your thing and erasing your face

you readied n steadied into inhuman race

well the morning was puke and the scenery was ill

and i wake up asleep and i dream of it still

jack and jill went up the last hill

jack broke his knacks n jill broke her thrill







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