posted on March 7, 2008 at 2:48 am

coffee hounds ep by church now done coming soon
track one how easy it all is (coffee song)
marine sleepy floydy
track 2 hounds of love
the kate bush song
nice version i guess
track 3 instrumental of 1
without my stupid voice
i cant cope with all the email n gmail n myspace
i just cannot dedicate so much tyme and electronic blechh
i get like 100 emails a day
i answer most urgent
the rest drift behind
people get angry feel ignored
im spending 2 hours a day on blog
its killing my shoulders arm n now knee
no time
the computers swallowing my time
makes me restless
gives me headaches
makes me feel sick
been doing self portraits
scarlet comes in and says
i like your daddy
i say
no i like your daddy
she says i like your daddy
theres a portrait of ricki
i like your ricki she says as she leaves
tonite gigging at opera house
reciting 2 songs
lets see what happens…
full report tomorrow
thank you to spate of generous subscribers
people you are very very good friends of the time being inc
had a nasty bit of argy bargy just now with someone close
my anger (again) consumes me
despite all the other bullshit i write (about)
my anger is still a fucking barely concealed monster
constantly slipping his shackles and slathering mad
anybody reading this
i cannot control myself
i am willing to argue straight n negotiate
but now at this advanced age of almost 54
(thats right, add them years n weep!)
i cannot tolerate any childish malarkey
or unnecessary friction
dont drive me around in 3rd gear with the handbrake on
or im gonna boil
just like my car
falcon experts please come to my aid here
my car doesnt have a leak
but SOMETIMES but not others
it boils and the fluid comes spurting out some place
i cant see problems
weather here very sultry
storm coming in
feels like my head
here i am
stevie killbee
poet idiot space rocker artist player singer blogger veg
ok they are my gigs
but not fuckin’ arguments n nyah nyah nyah n
killin the goose that laid a golden blog
or looking my gifthoarse in the bloody gob
i gotta lotta things on the boil (bad choice o’ words)
n i aint done yoga
gotta pick up the kidlettes etc
scarlet hurt her hands playing with a cactus
and shes still miserably waving them round at me
and im afraid my eyesight is dimming sufficiently
that i cant see the small spines remaining in her hand (if any)
painkiller is coming soon
my paintings have taken a tern for the better
i auditioned yesterday for part as antarctic scientist….
how can i not get the gig?
i am the antarctic scientist
at the east pole
where the pole dancers live

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