posted on January 17, 2012 at 8:02 pm

turk coys

music came into being

we stood in the garden

a vast sunset at dawn

we listened as she sang

black as raven voice of comet

milk of kindness

web of doubt

i knew then i had to sing that song forever

my fingers grew into keys which unlocked the notes

the notes were louder than silk yet softer than sun

the moon seemed all flute

i moved her one bar to the east

darling piano i tramp on your pedals

you resonate on and unto the aether

what song did our mother sing on that morning ?

what song did our sister welcome the night ?

what song did our daughter ask to be born ?

what song did all people enter the grave ?

then i stepped up to play

but my voice was all distant

like somebody else from so long ago

its never the same no matter how often it happens

so get on that stage and on with the show

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