posted on May 5, 2008 at 9:39 pm

terrible dreams of airports
terrible dreams of saying goodbye n feeling like ive gone mad
restless toss n turn over
terrible dreams of squeezing through tiny holes
and runnin’ from the cops
dreams of time stretched out like a painful ribbon
dreams of crying and missing and impossibility
the killer awakes in a cold grey day on the otherside of Mirror
killers skin dry n cracked like a snake
he howls low and long on the frosty stairs
he prevaricates too much
all the instruments cannot be tuned
all music is discordant on otherside of Mirror
where nightfriends live
unending tasks never fulfilled
unending journeys never taken
cos time runs sideways like crabs
the ocean shrinks from the moon
the moon is seldom seen except on todays
the moon has a gruff voice
the moon with its favourites
the moon with its awful fetishes
the moon with its affected limp
the moon who laughs like a fop
i float uncontrolled towards othersides neptune parade
the shops are all open but the hearts are all closed
the otherside of Mirror has a special on flukes
but i buy a hoax ticket and a packet of paradox lights
the customers have eyes in their hands
the emporium takes you in by osmosis
you buy some products you’ll never use
handing over black money and silver bones
police are everywhere in anterior positions
someone monitors your memories
hidden before your nose in obvious secret
the killer smashes away at the light
he’s trapped in the morning as if in amber
he struggles in spirit mind and body
he’s persecuted like saint dog
the aliens arrive from outer myspace
hounding fiending demanding something unavailable
dont eat me screams our killer
but who would be listening?
the window shoppers seem glassy
the rubber salesman slumps deflated
the sex shop man smiles stiffly
surrounded by wankers reads his t shirt
surrounded by idiots reads the teachers t shirt
surrounded by the stars reads the jailers
surrounded by love reads the terrorists with his 4wds n wmds
surrounded with pain reads the ladies of the night
surround surround surround me reads grant me a favour
killer youve gone mad screams davem whos appeared
he’s been drawn away from his peaceful drawing room dreams
where he listens to ecnaes and loops from inglish evenings
crickets chirrup like sped up 12 str guitars
and owls call in low baritones
from his comfy chair davem feels the killer going under
a tingling vibration permeates davems body
the hairs on his neck stand on ending
blimey he says to mrs m serving the tea
this could be the big one
she gazes in amazement as he slowly dee-materializes
on the otherside of Mirror killer is up to his ego in “straights”
going down slow in an endless swamp of forms and red tape
the taxman holds his head under
the landlady drowns him in rent
the critics lambast him in bile
the carnivores dribble dripping and drip dribble
davem tries to savour the killer
but they stripped the meanings outta his words
they torn the melody outta his songs
back in ingland his wife pumps up the painkiller
davem takes a big hit of it
mainlined into his mainframe and maintained by his mainman
the strains of file under travel emanate from his id-pod
its no use he screams into the inferno
this whole place is breaking up
shiver me timberlakes
the earth itself trembles
the sky recoils
by god …i’m completely immune to pain mutters davem
he wades into the maelstrom
he sees killer going under for the last time
killers face is frozen against the icy waters of oblivion
a long way from the pale young man of 1982
the killers face was lined and tanned and gaunt
his wispy thin hair plastered against his scalp
the years of hard living had sculpted the face with planes n angles
help me he whispered
davem knew what he must do
linked telepathically with his wife back in the real ingland
she had rigged up the output from 1000 id-pods
all playing painkiller at once
the first track outbound restarted
i am iam i am moaned the killer one thousand fold
white hippy moses like an aphid in the roses
muttered davem under his breath syncing up
the force was with him
a thousand basses throbbed in his ventricles
the killers deep resonant voice vibrated throughout his nadis
he plunged in
he wrestled killers demons down
he defeeted the “straights” with veggie sausages
he saw off the taxman with a blast of v.a.t.
thatll teach the bastard he muttered grimly
he dragged the killer out of the marsh
the quicksand of his life
the quick n the deadsand
was he too late?
the killer was barely breathing
davem cradled the noble shapely head
all the painkiller in the world couldnt help
the painkiller…it doesnt work on me…killer gasped
his life was receding in tiny stabs of mellotron playing f major 7th
his life past be four him
his life leading up to now
summon the thousand true fans he seemed to be saying
wasting no time
davem took the sacred microphone from its ornamental box
it was the microphone that killer had used at the venue in 1982
a veritable holy grail among true fans it had never before been tested
do it do it do it kilbeys voice was barely a croak
davem put the microphone to his lips
sing unguarded moment… killer instructed from beyond deaths doorknocker
davem coughed
he calmed himself down
test one two three he said
never mind all that squeaked the killer almost gone
davem focussed
ahem…ok…its so hard finding…
instantly the 1000 true fans of the killer appeared
clutching hundred dollar bills
and paypal receipts
quickly quickly
this is his bank account here said davem indicating a hole in the ground
as each bit of filthy lucre hit the spot
the killers colour returned
eventually he was helped to his feet
and performed an impromptu concert
featuring such favourites as “tormented faucet”
” creosote”
“wobble gun boogie”
and even the evergreen ” loada olde tripe”
now practically a jingle in mitrys general store nth bondi….
surrounded by his thousand true fans
killer was cushioned from harsh economic necessity
he basked in their loving glow
he conferred a meddle on davem
for services above n beyond the call of judy it said
then the killer allowed himself a chuckle
life was alright
everything was back to norbal

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