posted on December 23, 2007 at 12:35 am

free o oval
big rock show
seems they didnt sell many tix
they stick chris isaak on
but still not sold more
they give away loadsa tix
5 thousand or so
little birdy play before us
katy steeel sister of luke from sleepy jackson
tiny girl with hi heels
theyre ok
like pretenders 30 years later or something
they didnot project however
why…i couldnt say
we went on
we were intense
we blasted em with both barrels
i told a few jokes
they laughed
no lights at all it was 630 in summer
crying like a fire in the sun
we play milky whey
yeah hooray hooray hooray
we give em block
a half hearted kinda encore…?
thats it
we slap hands
hey we did well out there
chris isaak appears
hey didja leave something for me up there? he says
hes weird up close
lovely lovely head of hair
weird nose
like matt damon
the rest of his band are goofy chubby dudes
dressed in black cowboy suits
very nice
very friendly
they go on
its getting darker
the lights and smoke starting to work
they start up first number
its a chuggy chuck berry rocker
very basic stuff
the crowd go apeshit
in one second of that first song
chris isaak obliterated everything else gone on before
totally gone
hes got jokes
show biz routines
hammy gags with the other guys
he changes into a mirror suit
he has a loada local girls dressed up in skimpy cheerleader garb
they crowd scream deleriously
a whopper encore goes on n on
he kills it
he slays em dead
afterwards huge crowds rush his dressing room
the drummer chucks drumsticks
and people fight over em like 100 dollar bills
the divs go on
seemed they were strugglin’ but i dunno
we left after 3 songs
all the crew at the gig were telling us
oh boy you guys were so good
we should just do gigs for crew
there ya go
show biz
never work with animals kids or chris isaak
back to the fucking bars
yessadaze manne

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