posted on July 10, 2006 at 9:44 pm

serious fiendss
curiosity seekers
and those who dont give a tuppenny damn
here it comes
yes its questione finale

im afraid im never gonna be a surfer..
you cant be good at everything, ee….
ra on bee half of merrick
did i ever think it was over for the church?
and many times i wished it during the darke daze of the mid n late nineties
but something, something
said you should stay together
see what happens….
so im kinda glad we did
z the h
crystal japan is a track on (among other records) all saints
by davey bowie
the olde island
i dunno really
could be atlantis
couldve been tasmania
yes lets drink to distant times n places
when memores came true
and everythig was self fulfilling
iao iao
many i would like to be but…..
their lives seem attractive
i guess i wish i’d been someone who’d made a difference somehow…
other than writing poptunes…
A flea in my year
my biggest regret is that i never learn
a moment on my own
asks a tricky question
it is either incredibly meaningful
or just a joke…
or a little of both
thats the way my songwriting works by the way…
sorry moment,
i reckon yer kidding me
so yer gonna get the short answer
no, but we will be soon
another other asks what do you get out of this blogg?
and what do i want from ya if anything
i just started this as an experiment
as a guinea pig for my bruvver ruzty
hes a podcastin professa
and a blogge bionaut
he wanted to turn me into an early blogge
superstar for the 21st century
so here i am stumbling around
this is my diary on here
its starting to dawn on me what a gig this actually is
i mean im up early slaving over a hot keypad
answering queries
i just wanna connexion with someone
i wanna make ya laugh and cry
and wonder why..
i dunno…get things off my chest
and from you
i expect the same i suppose
but i never talk down to ya
and i appreciate your patronage
please leave the theatre as you found it
ruby 2sday
yes on toast
blew bell
my spiritual home is…..
i cant get a grip on that question
im gonna ask the doodles
they said
gee thats a big list my friend
a little music
nice food
roof over ye olde head
thatll do
mr d
thats a big and thought provoking list too
olde fruit
i cant go into all that as one answer itd take a long time
but i usually like the first track on each record the best i guess
from myrrh on…
the lovely venus has appeared with a question of love
deep love
oh venus my sister who better than you
to tell the story of love
sweet love
terrible love
love that drives men to murder
love that makes angels weep and devils giggle
profane love
secret love
forbidden love
unnatural love
strong love
shallow love
only love
deep deep love
beware of love my fiendss
beware of cupid and his tricks
idiot love
stupid cupid
anon at 856 NO!
ultc was finished
the backing tracks on bwtb were just a’languishin’ in a computer somewhere
we think
get kilbey to sing on summa the leftover trax
we got another album
so those songs never competed against the ultc songs
they were done much later
but the backing instrumental tracks were written at same time..
after a show im drained
i aint got the energy to make small talk with strangers fer hoursnhours
i ve done my gig , i jus wanna get outta there n rest
be on my own or with friends sometimes
i dont wanna go to bars
i dont wanna hear yr cd
i just wanna get calm again
it aint a fuckin picnic being on tour
you get used up real fast
and i wanna avoid being “rude”
so i just usually avoid
LE jaw
sgt pepper
blonde on blonde
mag myst tour
white album
beard of stars
thru past darkly
turn turn turn
who sell out
no more boxes of birds
susan whos also tantalized asks no live dvd
i dunno susan
maybe one day ….

i cannae go on
looks like 2morrow is finish day for questions
im running behind
oh well
thats fucking sk for ya!

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