posted on March 10, 2007 at 9:10 pm

the lord in heaven rests so lightly
as men appear on earth
revolving and evolving
ages pass
ziggurats gardens temples
by the rivers of babylon
mistress of the earth
gold coins
drugs and brothels
secret initiation
whip those slaves
burn that sacrifice
conquer this world
in the lions den
mangy leonine hunger
the great cat growls
and gets up
its mate snarls
as they approach the man
white light emanating
the holy spirit enters the lions hearts
instead of this filthy hole
africa before their eyes
the great plains filled with zebra and buffalo
drinking from the green rivers
in the midday shade
before the hunters found their pride
and the cubs were taken from them
and peace fills their simple hearts
and the man strokes their great tawny faces
and touches their huge salty tears

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