posted on March 12, 2010 at 7:16 am

a hundred degrees the thermo is blown skyhigh
at this rate at any rate i cast my fate to the wind
its so hot here
i type wreathed in sweat
only cold shower is a relief but water is not cold
after a wily while surreality sets in
i sit at my typewriter in the 1950s
i am just another idiot on a typewriter
my feverish tormented brain pours out its meaninglessnesses
its so hot omigod i roast in my own freckleflesh
oh incessant type type type
what wild thoughts will come into my cage of words
i will catch you and stretch you with all these words
bent out of frame a lame excuse to be legless
wheres maymi someone suddenly yells
hes here doing his guitar homework
hes behaving himself intent on figgering it out
me…homework cannot help
my mind is unconstrainable will not focus does not care
if tonite the crowd screams n claps i will be good
if there is a crowd
please come if you are coming
please come and cheer and demand satisfaction
we will on here tonite
here in free mantle
just beyond the concrete tits on the beach
where the pebbles and cottages and art deco shops are
here i am pressurized by the age
a great stupido hodgepodge of things
the heat has gone to me headspace
i type out my message with no message
just random blips on some screen
tonite don my axe
take my stage
sing a songatoo
strum in heavy light
down the pub
beer aftershave hot night blond men red faces pushing
music too loud my head is swimming
upstream updream up a beam of moonlight
pulsing thru these incredible nights
hanging on n on non
yeah anon
on n on

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