posted on January 13, 2006 at 8:29 am

in the window
convenience shop
a warm sultry evening
everyone dressed up to the nines
handbags, boas, hi heels, hairdo
yer eyehadow and glitter
is outtasite
no courtesan could begin to decipher
yer beam of light
very obnoxious toxious
rap playin loudly
wreakin’ havoc with my tinnitus
plus not having had my dinner
been atta meeting
with others from the crunch
but not pk
hes in the tropics of course
trying to plan some stuff
uh oh
not my forte
im in charge of esoteric affairs
thats my dept.
in the hulking church skyscraper
in downtown bondi junction
where we convene
a whole floor of esoteric concepts
people scuttling about
doing esoteric jobs
let me tell ya
its chaos
most days i cant go in
to that soulscraping crunch corporation
the board
the share holders
the tea light holders
the holder naminute
a gaggle of secretaries
followin’ me about
oh mr kilbey, dont forget your pedicure at 3
sorry mr kilbey, but some dude from the vatican ,sir
he wouldnt take no
the punishing schedules
the important meetings
the glasses of red vino and cigars
the free first class flights
and accomodation in the casino
the bizness side of rock
can do yer head in
every boddy wants the poore olde crunch
at the moment
i spend my daze
sitting in a room
fielding offers
hedging my bets
taking it all on
sorting the spielburgs
from the sondheims
can the crunch open our bridge?
can the crunch come back to bannockburn please?
can the crunch play at my aunties wedding?
can the crunch be in this blockbustah mooovie?
can the crunch come on here
and talk about this
and then go there
and talk about that
theyre beginning to twig
sk is one bona fide eccentric
olde fashioned renaissance style
common or garden GENIUS
the crunch are the true fuckin spirit
of rocknroll baybee
little woman
you know that its troo!
we will gladly pass this torch on
many are called
few are chosen
rocknrolls no joke
dont you wanna get free?
gonna get ya where ya wanna go
i should know
ive been there
and its a goode plaice

me and 2 others from
gilt tripe
climbed up to a high plateau
last nite
look out over ocean
or back towards city
bridge and oppa house
warm humid night
the coastline
one headland after another
reaching into pacifico
black and blue water
ships out at sea w/ pink lights
twinkle twinkle
people in their rooms
smoking dope
drinking beer
watching telly
talk about the inevitable past
olde school teachers
we had this fuckin cat
called doctor h.
from hungary or somewhere
in some other place and time
this guy musta been more than a school teacher
some kinda honcho or bigwig
and he dont like being at bully high
in the early seventees
teaching latin to long haired scum
like steven kilbey and his ilk
sometimes he raves on for whole lesson
about WW2
or modern youth
or politics
he hates to be thwarted
has a wicked accent
he asks my parents for permission to psycho analyze
he calls me lazy lousy boof
tells me hes gonna make me repeat
soon i work up a good impression of him
still makes my brother
(who had him too)
laugh 33 years later
i bet they dont have teachers
like him any more
he fuckin thought he had yer
humble hero sussed
he didnt think
i’d have a little audience
who all around the world
sat at their computahs
and read about him
and his adventures
at bully high

im gonna leave ya there
in school
with the doctor
its 1972
and yer learning yer catullus
yer having a vegemite bun
and a chocolate milk
for lunch
or ya could go drivin’ round
in yer muvvers triumph herald
but for now
the docs on yer case
nah! kilbey you nasssty fellow
conjugate five verbs
that form irregular pluperfect
um err well
never mind kilbey
you nasssty repeater
youll get a chance to do it all again….
next year

hey doc!
guess what?
i never repeated
but i only just passed….
its a fuckin’ dead language
see ya later fiendss
vera semper colere

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