posted on August 25, 2006 at 7:13 am

the trees are whispering to me
its sydney
its thousands of seconds
who are you?
every thing is a signal to me
what is happening to me?
into what are you transforming effortlessly?
have i cracked the code?
august strindberg burning his hands black
sulphur/the crucible/the retort
philosophers stoned indeed
am i crazy?
is this an onset of madness?
and why now?
the silver clouds superimposed on a peach sky
i tell you i love to be 51
subtle powers
have you any idea?
cosmic messages and wild geese chase
the patterns of the birds has a meaning
how could it not?
my kitchen darkens
my thoughts turn to god
all that love he has for us
expressed in so many ways
in the spectacular heavens
in the intricate designs of nature
for letting us live these lives
oh so many luxuries
we are living it up
purpleleaved trees buckle in the wind
you may forget something you really should remember
it seems i hear them
a child said my name in the marketplace
i found two shells in a unused drawer
music permeates my brain now
day and night
im swimming in it
i feel that fucking galaxy sliding away
like a slide sliding up the neck of a distorted reverberating guitar
i feel the moon pull my soul each night
i opened a little box and found a silver plectrum
i mentioned your name accidentally to someone
i dropped a coin in a well and i wished for……
i am navigating the networks
i am in the system now and getting stronger
i have interpenetrated certain planes
under your skin
but im out here
totally unreal
everything you have ever read here
has been fiction
any resemblance to anything else
is unlikely usually
i saw a tiny grey birdling in a tree doomed to die
i could not help it
can you feel this?
and can you feel this?
and can you feeeel this?
im everywhere baby
but so are you
there you are a point in space and time
are you beautiful?
dont make me laugh
last nite we drank riccadonna wine + extra nice things
what remains of the sky is white
inside my own continuum
i experience human pleasure
the elements are defined
the opposites are reconciled
the mystery is temporarily delayed
gravity set aside
logic defied
conditions gratified
implicit in life
but always rushing into the future
and what must always await us there
im a voyager
im a traveller
im down here on the surface
im underneath all that snow
wham! a shock
a sudden departure
read between the lines
i can tell you almost understand
i can feel the crooked pulse in my fingers
alpha and omega
hey up and hey down
i am what you say i am
i am so close
so close, so close
so close to breaking
into it
or out of it
can you tell if its true?
what do you know?
are you awake now?
im still here
interpreting the stars
reading the dish suds
the clock tick tick tick
never tock
a stormy night comes down
we welcome each other like brothers
i am disposed to rambling
i live and i breathe
i am here to observe
god says this is all for you
i say i will tell people
he says good
they dont seem to notice
the oceans of fish
the nights of stars
the gorgeous desert
the mysterious nordic winter
the veins in the leaf of the oak
i say how could they not see
darkness envelopes me
we lose our connection

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