posted on August 23, 2010 at 7:35 pm

100% weird : crunching

o daddyo

you winsome you loathsome

oh yeah remember  that sweet baby

wayback when i stumble humbled through the rippling reeds

the lake deeper and colder , you didnt expect that

the time has shot by the time of our lives

a million hours of pleasure have past

a door slams

a voice somewhere

for the first time something turns

and for the last time something else stops turning

the returner is among the crowd

i came back for you

the kisses rained down on my back yard by feet

the music almost imperceptible

you see the tapes were uncorrupted

innocent men cut this track

sweating over a hot console in glebe

i saw it once in visionguard

i heard it on the new system in ethiopan mode

i felt it with the mansuits custom options including multi-touch

baby this aint the future this aint the past

this is now a days

this is right in this right now oops! already gone

this is the way they did it in the old days

this is the time of yes todays

yes today all my troubles felt so far, aweigh

i need a space to ride, a way ……

oh i be, leave in yes today

any way theres no more right now

i guess thats it then

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