posted on December 26, 2013 at 2:15 pm
frost report

frost report

finally getting around to it

the video of jack frosts tiny USA tour in 1991

here we are playing and quipping

quipping and playing

lots of mucking about

strumming and picking guitars

we take on the press the record company the audience and each other

grant is by turns sardonic sarcastic sentimental

his smile is so heartbreakingly lovely

we were doing a promo tour of the USA

a few live gigs a few radio shows

some of the stuff has been lost down the tubes forever

this then is the creme of what remained

we only knew about 10 songs

you’ll hear a few of the same songs a few times in different circumstances

i left almost all the live footage intact.

the film over all is no where near as jumpy as “buzzes and fades”

the sound quality is ok

i have not tampered with anything

this is a live home bootleg

theres lots of talk about drugs and sniggering at ourselves

its kinda sad to see it 23 years on now but its instructional

i was on the verge of a huge heroin habit about to consume my life

at this stage i was dabbling but grant had been dabbling for ages

we keep mentioning drugs with a truly monotonous regularity

although little comes our way beyond the odd joint

we seem quite besotted by each other too and our perceived “clevernesses”

we are existing in our own little bubble

and when we get back to sydney eventually that bubble will burst

here i am looking so stylish and confident and cool

on the eve of my descent into heroin mess i was definitely stylish

grant was so fucking funny

and so condescending to some of the “idiots” we encounter

grant and i thought we were the bees knees in being the hippest guys alive

and we had teamed up

i was about to have twins E and M

and grant had split up with his girlfriend whom he adored

we turned up in LA and we watched the then brand new Doors movie with val kilmer

afterwards grant just wanted to do something so bad…!

people underestimate the rock n roll side of grant

it co existed there with all the thomas hardy stuff believe me

its sad and strange watching this

he was the best friend i ever had until drugs tore us apart

grant never descended into full on addiction and he went back to brisbane

and he stopped or de escalated to the occasional dabble again

but he and i fell out permanently when i didnt stay at his place in brisbane one time

instead i had elected to stay at a drug dealing friends place

i had made my choice

and grant and i only saw each other one more time before his death

i wish i had spent more time with him when he was still here

blah blah blah

luckily this film remains to remember those days

anyway its done now except for some boring tweaks here and there

a postcard from bygone times

available soon i expect

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