posted on May 20, 2009 at 9:30 pm

new pictures up on my art site
please go n have a look
you can click on at the right there
the golden dragon
whose subtitle should be avarice
because dragons lust after gold
even when they have no way of spending it
its a big painting
and it’d look very arresting on yer wall
or buy a print of it
theres a giant bunny i painted for aurora
theres the prophetess who is cunning and eldritch
theres a self portrait and yes i do look regal
(as opposed to ir-regal which is not nice)
theres my darlingest daughter eve
and she looks like tree spirit to me
i mean she does in real life
but this picture really captured it
theres metallic forest
which was s’posed to be part of art man n technology ex
but it got lost in my garage
theres the ice mare…no horsing around…
please stop by n check em out
and be in awe of your favourite renaissance mannes
extremely high output
yes i’m going going gone
not much painting on tour so get in there now
and BUY!
or dont….n see if i care
(may never talk to you again tho)
meanwhile at home
labouring hard over the judgement of paris
it now has 3 hounds
1 cat
i parrot
and soon one black panther
its my most ambitious painting ever mummy
but i’m getting tired of it
just as the end is in sight
next i have a couple of commissions
so this may be the last painting before my tour
i will take some art stuff with me
but usually too tired or geed up to paint
got caught in a total downpour with the doodles last night
soaked to the skin
lovely hourglass shaped wife has made dal with pappadums
n vegie doo dahs
wife tells me 4 basic shapes for women (she has read)
hour glass
now i cant stop seeing women
n categorizing em in my head
apple apple pear column column ah…hourglass…pear etc
its a very rude thing to do i guess
but no one knows
except the 1000 people who read my blog
now it seems that there are less hour glasses than ever
(statistically speaking)
and i wonder why
is it because of over eating or over exercising…
am i being a total chauvinist swine talking about this at all?
howcome the hourglasses are becoming extinct?
it seems like i’m hard wired to respond to an hour glass
or am i just a sexist pig?
help me…i’m lost here
can i help my visual stimulation
by the combination of certain curves and planes
in the female form?
nk looks like a fender strat the way she curves in
and swells back out
i cant help it
i could watch her waist all day long
the symmetry pleases me….arouses me
but i cant say why
its not happening in my logical mind
maybe its the films they had when i was a kid
you know with marilyn n all that lot…
i wonder how they categorize men?
slobs blobs spunks hunks and monkeys
in truth i do appreciate a beautiful male body
with its lines and angles
oh humans can be so different
a day on the beach will show you that
all shapes colours n sizes
i guess you gotta love everybody equally
thats the idea
almost impossible to do tho
would i love my dear wife so
without her delicate face
her deep brown eyes
her perfect white teeth
her sweet breath
her hourglass figure
her soft white skin
her soft southern accent
her naughty mind
etc etc
um…..of course i would…i suppose
voice in another room : wheres this going…?
ok time to take los kiddies to school
wet day
pay some frickin’ bills
have a coffee or something
i thank the lord above
(not jehovah…he doesnt exist)
that i dont work
as in work work
nice day to be home

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