posted on March 19, 2012 at 8:12 pm

a complete blast

and the woman stepped out of the river

the deep and swirling euphrates

the warm and dark tigris

the lonely and sacred alph

the holy and healing ganges

and we come to a fork in the road

and we see we have been wrong all our lives

we have inflicted our own good on all we deem evil

we have murdered for life

we have tortured for love

we have invaded for peace

we have indeed fucked for chastity

yes as the book progresses you realise….

when you realise we are villains dressed as heroes

when you realise all that we have set in motion here….

when i was five i ran away from this world

yes i seemed to be here but i was off elsewhere

those dreams i was having…you dont expect me to believe…..?

and all the things i was born knowing and seeing

and all the things i could never ever learn

born to know but not to lead

born in doubt but not to follow

everything in life becomes dispensable in death

money debts children enemies

yes they will carry on

in the darkness or in the light

this world never began and it will never end

it was always here and everything upon it

no creation no evolution just permanence

our souls exist in perpetuity

we will play every part

the baron the drunk the pilot the wife

the son the sister the father the child

the dog and the star

each and everyone

they say we were once part of god

but fixated on autonomy we fractured

an infinite number of busted bits

tiny little lords of their universe

working their way up from worm to sun

pull on lives like you pull on coats

in one world an athlete in another lame

in one time a king in another a slave

in another youre rich in another youre poor

youre everyone youre no one

this must happen because you desired to experience everything

i laugh at the simplicity of science and religion

missing the point as always as ever

solemnly swearing on this book or that

why everything happens on one million levels

if you dont take it all into account then what have you got?

its fucking hilarious when the preachers and PhDs

tell you this world was created by this means or that

idiot eden or some primeval soup yeah i dont think so

i think we cant even believe how incredibly groovy this all is

i say groovy because no other word can express my delight

my delight as i observe the mechanisms in place

interlocking elements across all dimensions

the masterstrokes of an author

something everywhere that yet cannot be found

too huge for your little books

too much for our language to contemplate or bear

i know it i always knew it

humanity is perverse

all the people you help  will burn you the most

and you always keep turning into things that you hate

christ and buddha show us other ways to live

but truly, who have you met that can live like that?

as i approacheth old age i tune into to subtle things

the people i think of appear out of nowhere

because of my yoga because of my diet

because i am both sinner and saint embodied as one

because i am madder than a lake but saner than you can believe

because i have thrashed my mind ceaselessly before me

everything i have i have dreamed up

a spirit within me taught me everything

we all have that spirit but so very few will listen

given five daughters to atone for trespass against female

given ten years of heroin to atone for my trespass against man

i knock out my stuff(ing) without really trying

if i’m trying i must be wrong i guess

and the woman in the river

all white and naked

lilith i s’pose or some abstract eve

even the educated man is baffled by her charms

and an animal sits at the seat of the soul

gimme some mumbo jumbo to reconcile lust

gimme some esoteric conundrum as an erotic frame

my genius must create now he’s all wound up

he must sacrifice the evenings of women to alter his shrine

he must move through the virgins and widows and aunts

he must have all the nurses and waitresses and queen

he must dodge all the hags and the harpies

he must avoid the slatternly sunsets and the cold frigid dawn

oh he’s ever so sly like a fox in a hutch

oh hes ever so greedy like a snake in a hole

and all the time i’m wearing away

and all the time everythings getting quite slim

i am charged with great power

i am weaker than piss

i drip fluid prose

then i cant say my name

i think we are all on the wrong side

weve been cheering for bad guys all of the way

the way that things are in this world we got going

a comedy a farce a hilarious tour de force

they take the good things away

they give you the worst

they tell you youre free

free to do as somebody says

the revolution must be in the heart

even so

it may seem that you never win…..



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