posted on January 9, 2008 at 11:03 am

weird day
i started off by arguing with aurora cos she didnt wanna come to beach
then on way to rehearse at music con
nk rang to say her grandmother had died
which was quite awful although we knew it was coming
marie was quite a lady
they dont make that model anymore
she’d take me on anyday
if she didnt agree she told ya so
she was devoted to the doodles being their great grandmother
irreplaceable person
great loss
sad day
at the con things were underway
im sorry to say the show will be excellent
sorry because i guess if i was gonna bitch n moan
it might be more interesting than my gushing praise
i must say that everyone involved was quite excellent
missy higgins was there
of course you may remember i wrote something uncomplimentary
about her once in the cafe days
her song came on the system and it pissed me off
how dare someone have their song on the radio
when im trying to write a blog??!
anyway i didnt character assassinate her or anything
just something churlish like “gurly” or something
so i felt guilty, try n avoid her all day
and then they run the show
highlights from this performance
dan kelly a lovely man
does a wonderful version of ive been moved
just very very nice.
the drones….wow!
right on my wavelength
a ripping intense powerful totally convincing performance
i instantly fell in love with these guys and gal
honestly, i reckon you lot might like this
i didnt know much about em
they tour europe n u.s.
they are the real deal
scintillating raw power
watch out for em!
clare bowditch
a big redheaded lady with finger pickin nylon string
she played and sang like an angel
kinda countryish…not my style but wow! shes good!
paul kelly himself the organizer
you guys know i like kelso
again, not what i do but
hes real good at his own thing
and hes himself
then of course
missy was very very very good
i feel like a real real real fool
why do i always do that?
steve kilbey
yeah he was ok
i ask guy in band for lift home
im standing there talking to drones
when someone taps me
its missy who i still aint spoken to
hi she says
im driving you home….
well thats how my life is
i wrote some petty nasty thing
now she turns out to be gracious, talented
and giving me a lift home
she knows theres something going on with me
but shes very quiet
i know she sang milky way so she knows who i “am”
we also give paul kelly a lift to coogee beach
we talk about grant and sad songs and dave mccomb
when paul jumps out of the car
i am compelled to admit to missy
that i had written some nasty things about her
she accepts this quite matter of factly
but its weird
but although i am prejudiced envious and stupid
i have also learned to admit my mistakes
i am not obstinate
when i see something good
i dont go on saying its bad and vice versa
i apologise
i tell her she has the x-factor
(in spades)
ok she says
well i got it off my chest
seems she sometimes lives near me here in n bondi
im gonna learn my lesson
how long before fate
has me round nicole n keiths for dinner
and me having to own up to my misdeeds
and they may not be as nice as missy about it neither
no more slagging anyone else off ever
muse : yeah, sure……i bet
no, i’m determined
you never know
when ya gotta eat crow
i gotta go
more kev
to follow
state theatre a go go!!

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