posted on January 4, 2012 at 10:06 pm

lost for worlds

there is magic there is bullshit

there is a universe oblivious to us

people are animals

animals are people

yet we murder we kill

we kill ourselves to live

those with time try to kill it

those without time try to buy it

still we hurtle headlong

as we are in free fall

inaccessible mainly to ourselves

with trust comes betrayal

without trust comes emptiness

with faith comes disappointment

without faith comes hopelessness

well ive done it all

rich poor young old lucky unlucky

life got me baffled

what have i really learned

how am i doing so far

i am not a normal western man

i loathe all that meaty boozy smoky barbecue the fellas honey

the guys my buddies the boys the game the TV

fuck them theyre all philistines theyre all oafs

fuck your fucking basketball team you moron

the amazon jungle is all but gone

fuck the crusades fuck british/u.s. imperialism

fuck the war on drugs

fuck your hat n bark at the bastard moon

2012 yeah what about them sly old mayans

look i dont want my world to end damn that prediction

nothings easy thats for sure

for every genius there are ten thousand idiots ready to crucify him

for every one saved there are ten thousand more lost

i am incredulous at the incredulity of myself and all others

we are all in this separately together

we will all die and live and die we will remember nothing

fuck napoleon fuck columbus fuck genghis khan

keep on rockin’ in the free world

how did┬áthose old twin towers come tumblin’ down…?

gee uh something not right with that picture

but uh i guess i feel so much safer now mr b.laden is shot

uh hasnt he….i mean i saw a dead guy with uh a turban in a cave

i guess that was uh him …wasnt it….?

because if our govts lied to us there’d be anarchy …wouldnt there..?

i’m glad all those people got busted for drugs

i’m happy about the vietnam war cos we showed em, didnt we…?

i’m pretty pleased with WW1…that worked out well in the end…i thought…

i guess i’m mixed up

please some right wing macho straight type help me here

all those mines grenades bayonets torpedoes ….

and napalm….thats a great invention….i suppose…

wow that musta cooked their gooses …didnt it?

fuck the communists fuck the romans

fuck the house of lords

i’m over it



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