posted on July 11, 2016 at 10:54 pm
kneed to no

kneed to no

in a few days time i will be touring again with that lovely band the P.Furs

i love em

man they had all those great hits

richard butler he’s still got it in spades

those brilliant literate lyrics

hes got the moves hes got the cool

what a voice !

i like to play with the furs there are many similarities between us

we are in some ways coming from the same place although we arrive differently

i’m happy to be part of this great show 2 of the best 80s bands ever

if you like intelligent tuneful music with an edge n a bite

the p.furs like the church have subtext they imply many things

we have become really good friends i’m looking forward to catching up

its a win/win jobby i guess and although i hate to leave sydney

its wintery and i’m looking forward to the heat of american summertime

all those gigs all those rides all those audiences

all that legal weed in colorado…am i going there..?

the ultimate adolescent trip

on tour with a bunch of cool types

i dont know where i’m going

everything is arranged for me

i just gotta walk onstage and uncage my self

thats my only responsibility

i love to play music i love to be around all those musicians and the crew

let me tell you we have a blast


yeah we hit rough patches but so what

most of the time we rolling along singing our song

side by side ha ha

maybe i’ll get to ride on their bus sometime

people ask me will the P.Furs come to australia and tour ?

i dunno

it would be good idea but i’m just a soldier in the frontline

let someone else decide all that

i go where i’m told and i will wander through the streets of america

taking it all in as usual

trying to stay outta trouble

and saving my mojo for the one hour a day that i am needed

for that hour i fast i meditate i do yoga and blah blah blah

i also get high and have a drink before i go on


the sweet spirit possesses me and i lay my trip on the crowd

we lay on em our interweaving collective thing which is full of romance and promise

as you all know

afterwards ah…

when i’m empty of all that energy

i quietly recuperate with a nice meal and catch up with old friends sometimes

when its all over i sink into my bunk which is in the middle at the back

and i dream as the bus shoots down the freeway like cupids bolt in the darkness



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