posted on October 9, 2014 at 7:51 pm
darkness you are my priestess

darkness you are my priestess

listened the record on a good system

its huge

every song is vital

every one is a mixture of dollies and sorrows

the strange turns an unbridled mind can only find

as we launch out back into the space that sent us

as we lash out against the storm overhead

and we march into unknowable futures all but unarmed

against the odds admittedly

it was unlikely we could still make such a good record

i hoped for it but didnt expect it

the detail is astonishing

sounds crowd up and rush by

guitars groan way down deep

tinkling little mechanical bells shiver near

sometimes the pounding drums subside leaving mercurial oozing songs running away

the crisp 6 string bass or the dull throb of the 4

my words and singing as i hold on to the whispering music time ghost

everything is flying by

you stand in the way and it just goes thru yer head

are you gonna stand there or not

i trap these errant thoughts and inklings

in my stony skull the words of the stars reverberate forever ringing on

a clamour of madding voices flash on and off

i cull the ideas hammering them upon song after song

the word was love it fell from on high

i am the catcher of broken fragments like chunks of pale chocolates

the dusty icing sugar of the galaxies all my lives imagined or unimagined

the furious battering north wind

a south sea isle hey baby i’m a fuckin’ missionary

i live 500 lives in america alone

popping up all over the places

all those lives appear here if you wanna know where words come from

they come from a mine in the head and once excavated leave only an ache

these words i had in me my whole life now come out on these songs

sacred songs glimpses into somewhere else another place you can go

i sing the rich young universe filled with wonder and awe

in character i falling in and out

in suits of diamonds and hearts where then is me cheque mate..?

lush beyond all possible lushnesses

fertile deltas come alive in cool coral caves

further and further

deeper and deeper

more and more

do you wanna stop yet my tiny pet or shall we keep going?

on into that universe of music to explore

a coalition of the thrilling willing

out of nothing we catapult nameless flaming balls of pure fire

in songs that crash to earth in your brain where they will remain

some new process has allowed the magic to sustain throughout everything here

it could not have been better

we have achieved our distance effortlessly

we were harnessed to luck and it left us sprawling

but we held on for a dozen or so songs

remembered them from our dreams

pieced them together with instruments and singing

ladies and gentlemen

this record is a total trip..!


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