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grant n me in NYC 1991

grant n me in NYC 1991


as i work my way thru the making of this video

i wonder what you will make of it all

just like i wonder what i make of everything on a daily basis

grant n I met up we instantly hit it off like a house on fire

we hung out a real real lot

taking drugs and playing guitar

grant always with a cig and a glass of wine on hand

on hot disconsolate nights we wandered thru the wilderness of

a 3 story huge old house where my studio was

a house full of junky doctors and dealers and even a dominatrix

a house full of musicians and engineers and singers and other idiots

them long hot darlinghurst nights (well surry hills but very close!)

91 albion street go see it its still there

the house that stephen cummings wrote about twice

the den of iniquity that shocked poor old mae moore

the house where we did half of margots 1st record

grant and i guitars strapped on

strumming and bitching and laughing and drinking

we go outside where we sit on the steps

i accost passers-by demanding that they recognise grant

who sits there half embarrassed and giggling at my antics

he puffs his cig in that side-woods way

and always has the best fucking quip

we went to the states together

arista wanted a little promo tour

our record had lots of instruments but we are reduced to an acoustic duo

surprisingly our voices and guitars meld almost seamlessly we become each other

grant and i loved goading each other on you can see that all here

we were under the others influence a bit

we are funny tho

some of it makes me laugh still

grants know it all smirk is worth twenny bucks alone

i left it real

i could have cleaned it up a bit

but i wanted you to see the frosties in situ unaltered or censored

theres a spiteful dark side to us

now i wonder why that it was that way?

why were we so restless and blabbing on all the time?

what wasnt there to enjoy ?

we were playing some gigs and doing some interviews

and staying in the best hotels around

theres plenty of admirers in all shapes n sizes

and we had a little bit of money too …at least i did then

but theres an anxiety a sadness at the heart of some of it

i love watching grant

i love his wandering eye that makes him look like jesus on the cross

although not handsome as such there is a strange compulsion attached to him

he was as if from some other time and place

me….fuck …i dunno…i look good but i’m a different guy now

i been thru a lot since then

so this

apart from 2 albums is all there is

this was all that i could squeeze onto the download and it was quite a job

(some raw footage remains of the frosties in may see light of day eventually)

so if you wondered how it felt to be in Jack frost in 1991 this’ll set you straight

i am still too close to it

still under grants spell when i watch him at work on this film

if you like you can

download it here

please use my comments section to leave reviews of video too

if you want


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