posted on November 5, 2013 at 7:51 pm
mystery tramp

mystery tramp



blessed earth accept this rain

i’m walking through your hemisphere

where every step is dagger sharp

everyone come back again

this dream is ending this book has closed

this part we playing oh so long

in darkest night we travellers in distance

find me falling through a song

then somebody said lets let go

a voice in another room or from another world

somebody else said double happy ending

suddenly i thought their just pretending

then mercury had ascent over venus

and priestess and fool followed both of the kings

and everything  sloshed down with wight whine

sweetie thats just the shadow daylight brings

seacrest crescent is blurred in a mist

the first time the clouds and stars are missing

i’m just a man in this queue for a clue

still wondering what to do

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