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no saviours crucified in the making of this T

narcissist heaven : me on me


ok ok

we here at the timebeing have been balloon away with your responts

and our tireless workers are now down in the where? house

handling packing shipping and anything else ..oh my word….yes   !

i must say the t-shirts arrived jus’ th’other day and they are tres fab

seriously the most comfy t-shirt i have ever worn

gone are those coarse cotton Ts from yesteryear like a calico barrel on ya

these new super ethical t shirts are gossamer against yer skinny skin skin

let it be known i am very proud of them

thanks for your patience ladies and gence

they are being sent thence

did that make any sense


getting a lotta response from people out there on addenda 1 n 2

frank quitely i am ‘umbled  by your kind words and admonitions


has anyone noticed on that first track

where me and my dad and uncle dennis all are trying to get the microphone

and see after a brief scuffle see who emerges triumphant !

still prattling on

you can see here that the adults used to have a lotta fun with me

teaching me poems and getting me to recite em

and then theyre having a laugh at me too

uncle dennis calls me blubberguts

what you laughing at ..? you hear me ask already paranoid

and dig the pre-punk vocal inflections on the mouse poem…!

i had anticipated anarchy in the uk by 16 years in 1960

listen to the way i say gooseberry wi-i-ine!!


then we have baby grande

look a lotta this material has been available for a listen before

i dunno if you could dunnload it

but a lotta stuff on these records you mighta heard

on the other hand a lotta peeple aint heard a lotta it either

ive fuckin’ lost track of it all

ok baby grande

baby grande was a band i was in from about 74 -77

i was the songwriter and singer

strangely enough i didnt play bass

peter koppes was in version one and i just sang

he left in about 75

and i started playing rhythm guitar i suppose you’d say

baby grande had a loada songs

some good some bad some awful

a couple of real beauties too

i guess bel-air escaped baby grande

and pete remembered it when the church came about

there were some other good ones too

unfortunately its none of the ones on here

i have included these songs so you can hear where i started from

and because as i get older i guess i’m not so secretive about everything

theres baby grande in all its youth club amateur hour glam rock youthful blah

you dont have to go to some obscure site to hear this no more

there are other tapes floating about…….

we did a bit of recording

unfortunately my songs were a bit….stupid…

plus the other geezers did not dig your humble hero one bit

not perceiving my imminent genius hood

i was just a loud mouthed tyrant

making em play songs that werent very good

we all had boring day jobs

i was a nasty naive judgemental little prick

eventually the peasants revolted and kicked me out

and then they tried to keep the PA i was paying off myself!

until i tracked em down onenight at a high school

in their incarnation as a power trio (!)

and i demanded 30 bucks or something as hire…!

baby grande was never quite  right however

you could just feel it

it was never going anywhere although it sometimes felt like it might

then came of course the teac 4 track years

approx 1977 to 1980

in these years i truly turned into myself

that idiot writing those baby grande songs

i dont relate to him

but these songs that showed up on bootlegs

these songs from statue garden to youre my idea

thats where i really come to life

you see

before that

i wrote on a guitar or bass and showed the song to the band

so many things went wrong with that for me

i didnt want to have to write that kind of song…

when i first heard what mike oldfield did on tubular bells

i wanted to make music on my own

and still the music i make on my own

is not as proficient as when other people play

still there is something raw and idiosyncratic

something i think is quite cool

so here is some stuff from that very fruitful period

from here on in i was knocking out music ferociously

in a townhouse in canberra in the suburb of rivett

in a bedroom with no furniture

just fawn carpet in a white room

in one corner a teac 4 track and a little teac mixer

a cheap bass a cheap guitar a cheap ac guitar

a synthesiser my dad gave me

when he found it no fun to play it like a piano

well it was monophonic for a start

thats a bit limiting for a guy whose fingers danced over the ivories

anyway i knocked out plenty of very very good songs

most would have been lost to us forever if it had not been for these boots

i was trying to get this film made

the one i filmed of the church concerts in 1990

i am gonna finish it one day!

and beware its twenny two years ago

i’m gonna let whats ever on there out….right?!

fuck yes i am!

anyway i asked for donations and some people actually donated

i had the footage and i had started weeding thru a bit of it

but i needed money to continue

anyway to cup a long storeys shorts

i spent the fucking money on heroin and yon film was never made

so one guy said

why dont you open your vaults up to the guys who donated you money

yes that was a good solution…!

so i put together a couple of cassettes (dubbed from my cassettes)

already distorted and hissy

and i guess the geezer (armed with a list of peoples names n addys)

he sends these two cassettes of songs out to about 40 people

i guess they dubbed more off the same cassettes and so on

statue garden which is the best sounding one

it must be closer to the source

i do not have any of this stuff in its original form!

(i got all this back years later from a fan)

during a clean-up one day while i was on tour

a girlfriend of mine who shall remain name less

well she chucked an old shoebox of cassettes down into the basement

where they got moldy and fucked up

unfortunately that shoebox was my library of 150 or so songs

all the songs i had recorded up until then

all “mastered” onto cassette tapes

then i would re-record over the original 4 track tape a brand new song

tape was expensive

i just stuck it all on cassette

thats why it sounds like this folks

but only a couple of those tracks are quite noisy

its amazing considering i reckon it sounds as good as it does

of course

you may or may not have noticed that there is another album called artifacts

its there on my bandcamp

thats all songs from the teac period

and freaky conclusions too

i was making records on my own before the dawn of time

so yeah

its a real mixed bag

its a real all over the place journey

im very interested to hear all opinions

please keep your thoughts coming in!

heres a track from addenda one


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