posted on April 30, 2006 at 9:16 pm

oh you lovely fiendss
its monday
1st of may
isnt there a song
“when we were small
and christmas trees were tall
blah blah blah blah the 1st of may”
by the bee gees?
gee ya gotta be ancient to remember that one…..
and isnt it when the “workers” march in europe
i guess i dont qualify for that one then
when do the “loafers” march…?
well we wont march tho
we’ll amble
we’ll stroll
we’ll fucking take our good time

been havin a lovely few days
rpk n mikey h came round for din dins satday nite
nk (being an american) cooked up vegan chilli n tacos n guaco
rpk enjoyed it, didnt ya?
must be that mexican blood on yer aunty lous side…
then sunday morning we all go for a surf
down the norf end
where there having an iron man race
complete with sausage sizzle
(aurora “its so disgustin”)
and a aussie wally on the pa system
blasting all over the beach
in accents that make kath n kim
sound like the queen
“here comes bluey hobbs, whatta good lil runnah
cmon give im a big cheer, just behind wazza dickson…etc etc”
blasting my tinitus with his nasal nonsense
when i just wanted a swim
evie n aurora play the usual game
of jump on daddys back n drown him
as i try to body surf
after lunchy
we all go down another park and play kubb
complete with a persistent little boy
who keeps running over and kicking our stuff down
i dont say anything and just stick it back up
on the third or fourth time he runs over again
our eyes lock
and we have a battle of wills
jesus hes so determined to ruin our game
but hes only about 3
males just got this thing for trouble n strife i guess
finally he retreats after ive given him my sternest
i wouldnae do that agaain, sonny jim look
and we continue our game
oh such a beautiful park we play in
with its groves of figs palms n oaks
secluded n shady
we are very lucky to enjoy these things
and i wish everyone in the ye olde worlde
coulda hadda nice day with the fam like i did
but sadly most people in this world
were probably scramblin’ just to eat or drink
so we must always appreciate our good fortune
cos it dont always last forever..
tonite i play at the starfish club (no relation)
with jon z, david l n hamish s
its gonna be loverly i hope
nothing like my shambolic newt town giggle
this will be the bees knees
so be there
or be square
but im gonna be doing jazz odyssey fer sure…
marty has left oz to put the finishing touches
on our little euro tour
and i already miss his “steve?”
as he rings me up to hear about my latest
self inflicted catastrophe
man us 2 have been thru some upsa n downsa together
so many adventures, triumphs, arguments, disappointments etc
thru thick n thin
we been there with each other
mwp you are a gentleman and a scallop
not a badde guitar twanger neither
a very funky bass player
a powerful n virile drummer
(hes not that great on crumplehorn tho)
i am surrounded by great musicians and technicians
imagine the sliding scale from fernando n rock round the clock
and playin with jonny z or peter k
or workin with simon p
these guys are the best there is
and its like the difference between a horsen cart
or an e type jag
the good players make it so easy for ya
so easy on the ears
and they make it look easy too
peter k looks like hes putting hardly any effort in
yet theres a huge wall of sound flowing from his fingers
a gentleman player, he is….no sweat.
mwp is the opposite
he cant help himself
i guess im somewhere in the middle of them…
(of course)
blog blog blog
blah blah blah
what else…?
i dunno
last day of hols for the doodle gurlss
back to school tomorrow
back to the human sausage factory
what can you do?
look what it did to me….
ah it aint so badde
its a lot less draconian now…
i used to get whacked on the back of the knee
with the stick end of a feather duster when i was six
boy did that hurt..
and then in high school the cane!!!
ooooh fiendss…thatsa weird pain
right down yer arm into yer spine
like getting kicked in the balls
nasty stuff ladies
but always a good last resort
if no aint meaning no
if ya know what i mean
bloody men
theyve ruined this world
if only the women were more in charge…
the women who they get now
are just surrogate men inna mans world
condo leaser rice etc
maggie thatcha
theyre not real women

talking of which
saw a doco on the witch trials lassa nite
i said to nk before we watch
this is gonna make us angry
and it did
old ladies with a bit of herbal knowledge
young girls
tortured n burnt
by the sick woman hating fucking church
up to its eyeballs
in blood
and anything else ya can think of
the helplessness of the victims
their innocence
the barbaric trials
dip ya in water
if ya drown…ya innocent
if ya dont..ya burn!!
not really my idea of justice, fienddss
whoever gave these sick n twisted little bastards
the power to run around burning women
quoting JC to justify their outrage
beelzebub has a devil put aside for thee

so please dont be disappointed
if im not so jazzed on the catholic church
i reckon theyd do it all over again if they only still had the power
power corrupts
people get power
they wanna use it
you give someone power of life n death
sure enuff
sooner or later
he gonna use it
and its always the worst ones who take it
look at em
the kings n queens of europe
the kaiser
the bushs
weak cowardly turkeys
who never stand in the line of fire themselves
but can always dream up a reason why you should
if bushs twin daughters were called up in the army
and were gonna be sent to iraq
you reckon he woulda been so eager?
i reckon hed be calling for patience
“oh ah…lets wait a little longer, no hurry…”

theres my rant for today
cut it
collect the whole set
remember me
when they put me away for sedition
i love ya

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