posted on July 28, 2013 at 9:17 pm

tight as groan

so i’m walking along and suddenly bits of the journey are missing

shape of a leaf but it moves like a rat

i hear shadows i see whispers

the streets are fields roamed by un-men

someone is trying to tell me something

someone not there

well i dont remember waking up yesterday morning

the stuff i used to take can do that to you

like a few pages have fallen out of a book

like a few squares have faded from the board

time on its own terms can be a jolt or a mystery

i expect its never what you imagined

the warp and woof of the years

revealing a flaw in the flow

behind us the mountains have grown

the slag heaped industry ghost town in the clouds

theyre talking trash at the sugar shack boyo

we can never go back there again

under these ark lights an uneasy peace falls on the great cats

everything is vibrating and shuddering only you cant see it

wives quarrel in the galley as the world drowns

i have determined my own loss of velocity as time

i have located my own demise in dream

i have negotiated the hastening martian day and the thudding venereal night

as atoms explode into earths and earths implode into atoms

death is nothing

our best virus cannot penetrate it

the universe at dawn goes in between the trees









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