I was born a genius in 1954 and after many trials and tribulations I founded the best rock band in this universe called The Church. After selling millions of records we are still going strong 25 years later, still fiercely independent and resisting the banal thrust of the music biz to bring our listeners soul scraping words and music that are a world away from the bland “Las Vegas” tripe that floods the airways. Although recipients of many awards and gold records, The Church is synonymous with alternative music and we are now looking down the barrel of our 18th and best album ever entitled Uninvited Like The Clouds. As well as numerous solo albums and a multitude of collaborations, I have released two books of poetry which further my aims of probing reality to seek the unexpected.

In 2003 I began painting for the first time. I think my musical and poetic adventures helped me to conceptualise paintings although I had no technique whatsoever. Luckily a devoted fanbase bought my work, which surprised and encouraged me no end. Since then I have been specialising in portraiture especially self portraits in which I try to come to terms with the stranger I see in the mirror. I also like to paint gods and goddesses because this is a wonderful area to explore and also one with an inexhaustible supply of inspiration.