posted on January 14, 2008 at 12:51 pm

put it outta its mizaree
you need garage poet
latest medieval caper
the worldy world all wordy and woolly
oh i flaunt it if i can get it
shackled in a tin of brimming dims
trackless shadow we have hunted
girls take off their close
the trees above
the trees below
blank stump
close to it now
youre getting warmer youre getting cooler
rain all day drizzle drizzle
in a bedroom she takes off her close
in a dull light
her white skin is revealed
laying down across the bed sleeping like a stone
the violet pricks in the grey sky
the holes where the creatures have abodes
the moles and mice and bats and pangolins
the fruity fruits the angel fruits the angels laughter
the juicy stain
the mark of cain
a god moves in a mysterious maze
vishnu appears as krishna
satan comes as a man of peace
jesus comes awalking on a water
i come knocking knocking knocking
blocking out all light
my profile cast suddenly against an oilskin screen
i send your delerious trash to mag. heaven
plus a copy to my lawyer
cos soon im getting nasty
the drizzle is so so softly soft soft
it lingers and hovers and floats and it dithers
it appears
in the thick air
in the holiday magic air
in the hotels and sex afternoons
in the wine and cheese informal dos
in the brothels subdued lights
in the surgery glare
the stern judge with his vacant eyes
the dead stars who would have clung to life
on mornings without any time it drizzles
in long evenings that become soaked
drink drink drink
people fall asleep one by one
lights go out in their eyes
their streets are one way
no limit beyond this point
no point beyond that
obvious things are hidden too
none of us sees things the same
i wanted i wanted i wanted
what did i get
what did i say
king john was right
im sure
after all he wassa kingright?
that goes without slaying
a bayou tapestry
look i am everyman
i am
i am every every every man
the every brothers
i am a man i am
a man a man a man
i was there
i saw it all
i was a fly onna wall
i coiled in bosoms nursed
the worst
a mean and hungry crook
a leaning plunging sook
hooked on a drug called hook
drugged on a dream
minding a seam
seeming to mind
behind behind behind
the times
the crimes
the erstwhile rhymes
ju ju bang bang
kilbey sang
azzee gonn mad they grinned
cos he sinned n sinned n got singed n winged
wingless n wild he fell from the sky
and exploded on ‘itting the ground
till he dyed
and then
they all
simply cried
what a hide!

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